Cardboard coop bedding is an excellent alternative to using straw or sand in the coop. Additionally, it is biodegradable and can easily be added to the compost pile for future gardening needs.

Cardboard Bedding

Cardboard bedding is a completely natural option for your coop floor, and honestly, it’s even much cleaner and easier to tend to than the deep litter and sand methods.

Chickens cannot ingest the large pieces of cardboard. They will try to peck at it but lose interest after the first hour. Since the bedding is so light, many times the chickens will stir the bedding for you through out the day, which is a nice bonus.

However, my biggest love about this bedding is that my chickens love it! We saw quite the health improvement versus straw and other dusty beddings. Whenever we put down new straw or wood shavings, the chickens often have irritated sinuses. But not with cardboard bedding. There is no dust or pollen in the cardboard bedding, which is also a wonderful option for me since it allows me to put down bedding without wearing a mask and while also taking unnecessary allergy medicines.

Overall, it is the healthiest option for our chickens, and we will now be using it all year long rather than just the summer months. I wanted to share this option with you, as it is not widely spoken about. I certainly am so thrilled that someone introduced me to cardboard bedding — because I’ll never go back to the other!

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Cardboard coop bedding is a great alternative to using straw or sand in the coop. Cardboard is biodegradable, making it an excellent item for the garden. #homestead #homesteading #chickens #backyardchickens #chickencoop #selfsufficiency