Fermented garlic is an excellent option for those who are new to the world of fermentation. Not only is it beneficial to boost the immune system, it contains natural probiotic in order to establish good gut health! Though let’s not fail to mention, it is delicious as an overall food item.

For centuries garlic and raw honey have been know to contain strong medicinal qualities. Now, put them together and allow the concoction to ferment. What is created is a powerhouse of healthy goodness.

The steps to created this highly medicinal natural item is quite easy. More than likely the ingredients are available within the pantry.

Ideally, use locally sourced and fresh ingredients:

  • Raw local Honey
  • Fresh Garlic

Fermented honey is extremely beneficial for human consumption, but make sure to incorporate it with raising poultry and small livestock as well. For example, providing it in place of medicated feed.

With this in mind, a video on how to create fermented garlic, its medicinal uses, and how to utilize it as a food option for good gut health.

Blog Contributor: Mike and Jeni Pratt, Pratt Family Homestead

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