Fermented garlic is an excellent option for those who are new to the world of fermentation. Not only is it beneficial to boost the immune system, but fermented garlic also contains natural probiotics in order to establish good gut health! Not to mention it is delicious as an overall food item! Even the kids will love it!

Why Make Fermented Garlic

Fermented Garlic will boost your immune system AND satisfy your taste buds!

For centuries garlic and raw honey have been known to contain strong medicinal qualities. Now, put them together and allow the concoction to ferment. (It is really that simple!) And what is created is a powerhouse of healthy goodness.

It is not only one of the easiest ferments to make, but also one of the healthiest! If you’re considering getting into fermenting at home, this is a great place to start!

In stacking the anti-bacterial properties found in both honey and garlic make this ferment incredibly beneficial!

Garlic is an expectorant, fever reducer, digestive stimulant, anti-parasitic, cholesterol reducer, and blood thinner (so avoid large quantities of this ferment if you are taking blood thinners already.)

Fermented Honey Ingredients

The steps to create this highly medicinal natural item are quite easy. More than likely the ingredients are available within your home pantry. Ideally, use garden-grown, locally sourced, and the freshest ingredients possible.

  • Raw, Local Honey
  • Fresh Garlic

You can use store-bought garlic and it will work, no problem, but the raw, unpasteurized honey is very important!

That’s really all you need!

With this in mind, check out this video and learn how to create fermented garlic, it’s medicinal uses, and how to utilize it as a fantastic food option for good gut health.

How to Make Fermented Garlic Honey

The process of making fermented garlic honey is extremely easy. Simply stack layers of garlic covering the cloves with honey and repeat. Make sure that the top layer is honey and the garlic is completely submerged. Remove all the air bubbles. 

Consider using a fermentation pipe to release air or you may open the lid to burb the fermentation daily.

You will know the fermentation is ready when the honey goes from it’s normal consistency to very thin and runny. 

Uses for Fermented Garlic Honey

You can use the garlic anywhere you would regularly use it. In cooking, pesto, salad dressing, salsa recipes, pickles, or even by itself! You can use the garlic to make a compound butter or garlic powder for seasoning food.

The fermented honey can be used in sauces and marinades where the garlicky honey flavor would help a dish shine.

The dosage on fermented garlic is 4 grams of fresh garlic daily (about 4 cloves). A tablespoon of the honey can be taken daily or the honey can be used for cuts, scrapes, and wounds.

Fermented honey is extremely beneficial for human consumption, but you can also use it on your homestead! Make sure to incorporate it with raising poultry and small livestock as well. For example, providing it in place of medicated feed.

However you use it, make sure you keep it at room temperature. Once you start to heat it up you lose the live cultures & probiotics. 

How to Ferment Garlic Honey

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