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Homestead Disaster Essentials: Is Your Homestead Ready?

Disasters come in many different forms- hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snow storms, fires, earthquakes, etc. It is important to have homestead disaster essentials ready to go in the event that you and your family experience any one of these.  Homestead Disaster Preparation and Disaster Essentials Disaster preparedness isn’t just for “preppers”. This is something that every […]

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Grow Your Own Food Series

In the midst of chaos and crazy, now, more than ever, people want to learn how to grow their own food! We’re linking elbows with some amazing homesteading YouTubers to show you how to grow your own food on March 23 through March 28. We’re here to help, for absolutely FREE! Here’s what you can […]

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Long-Term Power Outage: Be Prepared for the Worst

Preparing for a long-term power outage

It’s the emergency situation no one wants to think about: A long-term power outage lasting two or more weeks. The thought of losing lights, refrigeration, heat, washing machines, and hot water understandably leaves some people paralyzed with fear. If you’ve never lived without these resources, then their long-term absence is not just inconvenient, it’s potentially […]

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