How to Grow Your Own Food Series

In the midst of chaos and crazy, now, more than ever, people want to learn how to grow their own food! We’re linking elbows with some amazing homesteading YouTubers to show you how to grow your own food on March 23 through March 28. We’re here to help, for absolutely FREE!

Here’s what you can expect to learn about:

  • how to make a simple loaf of bread
  • how to raise chickens (anywhere!)
  • how to garden
  • what you should plant by season
  • how to garden in any climate
  • how to know how much food to grow for your family
  • how to plant basic lettuces and greens
  • how to preserve food
  • different types of gardening (vertical, raised bed, and more)
  • how to raise dairy animals
  • how to make cheese
  • how to start an herb garden
  • how to make sourdough
  • how to raise your own meat

. . . and so much more!

Join us on Monday March 23rd for the week long series, How to Grow Your Own Food! We promise, whether you’re a complete novice, or a seasoned homesteader, you’ll learn something!

Join us on the Homesteaders of America YouTube channel each morning of the week for any intro video and links to each day’s topics and videos. Make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell so that you can be notified of each day’s new videos!

We can’t wait to learn with you!

Participating Youtubers:

Melissa K. Knorris
Cog Hill Farm
Lumnah Acres
A Farm Girl in the Making
Better Together Life
Farmhouse on Boone
McMurray Hatchery
Janet Garman–Timber Creek Farm
Life on Beagle Road
Sow the Land
The Honeystead
Common Sense Home
Urban Overalls
Independence Acres Homestead
Nitty Gritty Life
Hoss Tools
AJ Farms–Homestead Evolution
The Hollar Homestead