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Live simply with the Lehman’s hardware online store. We sell oil lamps, wood cook stoves & more, non-electric tools & homesteading supplies since 1955. We are the country’s largest purveyor of historical technology. If you think it isn’t made anymore, check with Lehman’s before you give up. On our shelves, you’ll find all kinds of products you probably thought they quit making years ago.

At Premier, we’ve been providing electric fencing and electric netting, sheep and goat supplies, clippers and shearers, ear tags, poultry products, and expert advice for 40 years.

A simple love for the outdoors and passion for creating the best sawmills & wood processing equipment, has led us to a leading USA manufacturer of forestry equipment. We manufacture and import high-quality forestry equipment for folks much like ourselves. We find pride in providing tools to forestland owners,  loggers,  tree farmers, arborists,  among many others.

UpClose-RV is a veteran owned company that is making it easier for travelers to find properties to stay on while RVing. And they are also making it easy for people with homesteads and farms to offer their place as a location to stay! 


McMurray Hatchery is the world’s largest rare breed hatchery. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in providing you with the highest quality day-old baby chicks, baby and juvenile poultry, and a complete line of poultry equipment and related products.
We have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for generations — let us help you choose from our over 100 breeds, and supplies, to help you raise a strong, successful flock.

For over 200 years, Stark Bro’s has helped homesteaders like you incorporate fruits and vegetables into self-sufficient lifestyles. We’ve built upon the legacy of our founder, James Hart Stark, who moved to Missouri with a handful of apple tree scion wood to start the orchard on his homestead in 1816. He grew a reputation of cultivating only the most productive, superior tasting varieties. This unwavering commitment to excellence has been a driving principal for our nursery for the past two centuries. Bringing only the best to market resulted in Stark Bro’s world-renowned varieties like the Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples.  

As we look towards the future, Stark Bro’s continues to innovate and produce with an industry-leading reputation as the oldest continuously operating nursery in the world. Stark Bro’s is committed to your success on the homestead as you grow your own legacy. We’re proud to offer a one-year plant and tree warranty, and the support of our dedicated, local customer service team to provide live support and growing expertise to every customer.

AJ Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that specializes in the breeding and production of Coturnix Quail and Coturnix Quail Eggs for both eating and hatching. 

They started raising Coturnix Quail in 2012 for their own consumption of the meat and eggs for  health reasons.  They  acquired hatching eggs from a quail research and development facility in Louisiana, hatched them, and watched them grow into the flock that supplied them with dark meat and eggs. 

When others expressed an interest to buy live birds, eggs, or meat they created AJ Farms, LLC in September of 2016 and hope to be able to continue to grow by introducing the community to the benefits of the quail and its tiny eggs which is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Earth Tools is currently the largest supplier of Walk-behind Tractors and compatible Implements in North America, and a major supplier of high-quality hand-held gardening tools.  Located in southern Owen County, Kentucky, Earth tools currently employs 15 people and is Solar-powered, with a net-metered 31 KW solar-panel array for electricity.  Earth Tools ships anywhere in North America and offers their customers a complete stock of spare parts for everything they sell, plus real-time technical support by dedicated on-site service staff. 

The company founder & owner Joel Dufour lives with his family on a mostly-wooded 150-acre tract north of Frankfort, KY, in a completely-off-the-grid (NO electricity OR running water) 900 sq. ft. house he and his wife built by hand using local materials.  Joel uses only hand-held and walk-behind equipment to maintain his land, which includes a ¼ acre organic garden.

Free Range Yarn gathers together the best yarns from our farm and other small fiber farmers and brings you an outstanding collection of wool yarn. Supporting Free Range Yarn ultimately supports the small wool producer. Often these yarns are available only at local craft and fiber shows. We make these yarns available to you, in order to support the local wool industry, of which we are part. We are grateful for each purchase from our shop. As our sales grow we are able to help more sheep farmers distribute their yarn to a wider group of knitters and fiber artists.

Garman Brothers
Garman Brothers is a family owned and operated sawmill located in Crownsville, MD since 1946.

What is plumbing & what does a plumber do? Plumbing involves much more than just the pipes and fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom. Plumbing refers to any system that moves liquids for a wide range of reasons.