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At Premier, we’ve been providing electric fencing and electric netting, sheep and goat supplies, clippers and shearers, ear tags, poultry products, and expert advice for 40 years.

McMurray Hatchery is the world’s largest rare breed hatchery. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in providing you with the highest quality day-old baby chicks, baby and juvenile poultry, and a complete line of poultry equipment and related products.
We have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for generations — let us help you choose from our over 100 breeds, and supplies, to help you raise a strong, successful flock.

Share HealthCare is a healthcare sharing ministry that brings together like-minded Americans from across the country to share the burden of medical expenses. The healthcare sharing program at Share HealthCare is based upon Christian values and biblical passages which teach us to maintain healthy and fit lifestyles, share the weight of others’ burdens, and to love our neighbors. It’s the belief of Share HealthCare that necessary medical treatments should be affordable and accessible to all who agree to our Christian principles and Statement of Beliefs.

Share HealthCare invites all who agree to their biblical principles and Statement of Beliefs to join them in the Christian tradition of healthcare sharing. Share Healthcare is a fully compliant online medical cost sharing ministry, by providing each member an individualized, FDIC-insured bank account where their monthly contributions are held until being shared to pay fellow members’ medical expenses. To learn more about Share HealthCare, please visit their website at or give them a call at (844) 742-7342.

Fueled by a desire to highlight Biblical ministries, share the beauty of adoption of children with special needs, and cultivate anchored community Marlin and Lisa Miller began Plain Values, a magazine published monthly, in 2012. The Millers have adopted all four of their children. Their oldest child is on the Autism spectrum and the younger three children all have Down syndrome.

Marlin and Lisa have values steeped in the rich traditions of yesterday, enjoying the simple things in life; gathering eggs from the coop, getting their hands in the dirt to grow food, and cooking meals from scratch. They also strive to strengthen authentic relationships with their families and neighbors, living in community just like their grandparents did.

Over the years the magazine has expanded to include quality articles, some written by Rory Feek and Joel Salatin, highlighting the movement towards homesteading and anchored community, while still showcasing Biblical ministries and working to support organizations who care for children with special needs and their families through their nonprofit, Room to Bloom.

FLOCK is an acronym for Faithful Love Offering for Christ’s Kingdom. As a nonprofit outreach program, FLOCK partners with charitable organizations to responsibly distribute resources—monetary gifts, product donations, and volunteer activities—to help meet the needs in communities where House of Raeford Farms has operations.

At House of Raeford Farms, our mission is to do the right thing in all things that we do. One of the ways we live our mission is by helping those who serve others in their communities expand their reach. Through FLOCK, we help those who are called to do good, do more.

Camp Chet is dedicated to providing the setting for an amazing camping experience to anyone looking for immersion into the lush Tennessee forest. We have several camp areas and many miles of hiking trails on 994 acres of the Cumberland Plateau near Chattanooga, TN.

Greg Key started Hoss Tools in 2010 as he was disappointed with the quality of gardening tools on the market. A lifelong gardener with a horticultural background, his passion has always been growing clean, healthy food and helping others to do so. He now spreads the gardening love across the country and world. Initially known for their Wheel Hoes and walk-behind Garden Seeder, Hoss Tools quickly became much more than just a garden tool company. In addition to their garden tools that are built to last a lifetime, they now offer a complete line of premium vegetable seeds, seed starting supplies, drip irrigation kits and all-natural pest control solutions.

For over 200 years, Stark Bro’s has helped homesteaders like you incorporate fruits and vegetables into self-sufficient lifestyles. We’ve built upon the legacy of our founder, James Hart Stark, who moved to Missouri with a handful of apple tree scion wood to start the orchard on his homestead in 1816. He grew a reputation for cultivating only the most productive, superior tasting varieties. This unwavering commitment to excellence has been a driving principle for our nursery for the past two centuries. Bringing only the best to market resulted in Stark Bro’s world-renowned varieties like the Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples.

As we look towards the future, Stark Bro’s continues to innovate and produce with an industry-leading reputation as the oldest continuously operating nursery in the world. Stark Bro’s is committed to your success on the homestead as you grow your own legacy. We’re proud to offer a one-year plant and tree warranty, and the support of our dedicated, local customer service team to provide live support and growing expertise to every customer.

At Toups and Co Organics we believe that skincare products that nourish and restore can come from simple, wholesome ingredients.

Emilie Toups began crafting skincare and makeup from her farmhouse kitchen after discovering how organic grass-fed tallow, high-quality cold-pressed olive oil, and other quality, natural and organic ingredients made a huge difference in her skin and her family’s wellness. We support small, family-owned farms that are sustainable, fair trade, transparent and ethical. We are a husband and wife team that believes it’s not good enough for you until it’s good enough for our own family.

ForJars Canning Supply is a family-owned business that takes pride in providing quality canning lids to food preservationists around the world. Our company was founded during the pandemic when the scarcity of canning jar lids became a long-term issue for the home canner. Remembering how as children, we savored our mother’s and grandmother’s twists, we recalled all of the love, care, and time of the hands that created them. Now each of us has children, and we want these experiences to continue for them, all while taking care of their proper and healthy nutrition. We are not just a team – we are a family that has come together, full of energy, new ideas, and the desire to be useful by bringing the benefit of food preservation to the world. We are located in North Port, FL.

BCS two-wheel tractors, often mistaken for just another rototiller, are truly superior pieces of farming equipment.  Designed and manufactured in Italy where small farms are a way of life, BCS tractors are built to standards of quality and durability expected by homesteaders and professional growers alike.  At a fraction of the cost of four-wheel tractors, BCS will perform many jobs more safely and efficiently than their four-wheel cousins.  Jobs like shredding cover crops, spreading compost and preparing seedbeds in covered hoop-houses, mowing on steep slopes with your feet safely on the ground, cutting grass under fence lines and low trees, clearing snow on footpaths, and more.  Don’t just take our word for it – join more than 2 million people in over 80 countries who have discovered the advantages of owning Europe’s most popular two-wheel tractors.

GrainMaker is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality grain mills and flakers. Built to produce nutritious flour; flake cereals; grind coffee, nuts and seeds. Handmade in Montana with a lifetime heirloom guarantee.

We want to invite you to come along with us as we share our homesteading life. It is our goal to encourage you on the path to a more healthy, more secure and free lifestyle by sharing and teaching the skills that lead to greater sustainability and self-sufficiency for you, your loved ones and your community.

Carolyn and Josh – Homesteading Family

Clever tools and know-how to enable your homemade lifestyle