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At Premier, we’ve been providing electric fencing and electric netting, sheep and goat supplies, clippers and shearers, ear tags, poultry products, and expert advice for 40 years.

McMurray Hatchery

McMurray Hatchery is the world’s largest rare breed hatchery. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in providing you with the highest quality day-old baby chicks, baby and juvenile poultry, and a complete line of poultry equipment and related products.
We have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for generations — let us help you choose from our over 100 breeds, and supplies, to help you raise a strong, successful flock.
Let us help you take the next step on your journey to a simpler life with practical products for your homestead.

HSLDA Online Academy

A division of the Home School Legal Defense Association, HSLDA Online Academy offers more than 40 online courses for middle school and high school students. Our live, interactive class sessions meet weekly for 90 minutes and are purchased a la carte to fit your family’s needs. Our curriculum is uniquely developed in-house and maintained by an experienced team. Courses emphasize academic excellence no matter the subject and are taught from a Christian worldview. Our ultimate goal is to provide courses which enable teacher-guided, parent-supported, student-led learning—all at an affordable price. We’re excited to support your student’s educational journey!
We have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for generations — let us help you choose from our over 100 breeds, and supplies, to help you raise a strong, successful flock.

Camp Chet is dedicated to providing the setting for an amazing camping experience to anyone looking for immersion into lush Tennessee forest. We have several camp areas and many miles of hiking trails on 994 acres of the Cumberland Plateau near Chattanooga TN

Habitual Heart strives to add sustainability to your life, home, and budget. Create more, spend less, and waste nothing.

ForJars Canning Supply is a family owned business that takes pride in providing quality canning lids to food preservationists around the world. Our company was founded during the pandemic when the scarcity of canning jar lids became a long-term issue for the home canner. Remembering how as children, we savored our mother’s and grandmother’s twists, we recalled all of the love, care, and time of the hands that created them. Now each of us has children, and we want these experiences to continue for them, all while taking care of their proper and healthy nutrition. We are not just a team – we are a family that has come together, full of energy, new ideas, and the desire to be useful by bringing the benefit of food preservation to the world. We are located in North Port, FL.

Timeless Fence System

Plastic Innovation is an American company that is the manufacturer, marketer and distributor of the Timeless Fence System. Since 2011, the Timeless Fence System has been voted the #1 electric fence solution in the USA and foreign countries since no insulators are required. This Post Is The Insulator! The major keys to our product line are simplicity and ease of installation.

Our fencing products are extruded from scrap Rigid PVC window and door materials that have been reground, which are generally virgin materials. One of the important features of Rigid PVC material is that it can be reground up to seven times and reused as needed, hence it does not end up in landfills or the oceans.

All Timeless Fence System products are coated with UV material to protect against sunlight. Our products have a twenty-year warranty. The Timeless Fence System is approved by NRCS for cost share programs in forty-eight states of the US, including Hawaii.

While farm fencing is our primary business, the Timeless Fence System is being used in gardens, vineyards, for small animal fencing and an ever-widening range of electric fence applications.

Quality & Service are the key cornerstones of our company.

All About The Garden

Durable gardening products for your best garden ever…

At All About The Garden, we’re on a mission to find the best and most durable gardening products available. We only carry responsibly manufactured products made from responsibly sourced materials. And every product you’ll find here is field tested (and loved) in our own garden.

 The Fertrell company was established in 1946 making us the 2nd oldest organic fertilizer company in the United States. We proudly manufacture complete lines of organic fertilizer, soil amendments and crop care items as well as complete line of livestock and poultry nutritional supplements.

   All of our inputs and products are made with organic and regenerative as a foundation. Common sense and exceeding nutrient requirements for the soil, plants and animals is always our goal. Custom feed and fertilizer consulting for better customer service is what we do best.  

Fertrell Square logo

UpClose-RV is a Veteran owned and family operated business that brings property owners and RV travelers together for mutual benefit.  The company was founded by retired Colonel Mike Lockwood as an alternative to over-priced, overcrowded campgrounds.  Through their integrated web platform Homesteaders can offer space on their property for RVers while earning a little extra income.