How Does HoA Work?

If you’re new to our event and organization, you might be wondering, how, exactly, our conference and organization works, and what our goal is!

Our ultimate goal is to be a place of total homestead education for homesteaders across the United States. We understand that people have different learning styles and desires, and therefore we offer classes and education in multiple different ways, both during the event, before the event, and online throughout the year.

As we expand as an organization, we thought we’d take the time to let you know how our organization works, why we do what we do, and what our goals are for the homesteading movement.

Believe it or not, 95% of the time, there is only a very small team of people running this entire show. We are so thankful for your support, your patience, and your help over the last few years. This organization is run BY homesteaders FOR homesteaders. And that’s how we intend to always keep it.

Read more about the process, what our goals are, and more below!

Here’s how the event works—


The Thursday before the actual conference, we open up the venue to a select few people for several hands-on, in-depth workshops. These workshops range from canning and food preservation, trapping and blacksmithing, all the way to meat charcuterie and rabbit butchering.

These workshops range from $50 per person to $175 per person. These costs include the items that you get to take home, depending on the workshop.

Attendees will get a unique, hands-on experience in these workshops. For visual learners and those who want to learn in a one-on-one setting, these workshops are for you! Especially if you’re serious about learning a certain topic.

We can learn a lot of things through videos and online, but sometimes, we just need to get our hands dirty!

Thursday workshops are a separate charge from conference tickets. We encourage you to bring your own lunch or grab lunch at the food stand on-site.

Friday and Saturday Conference

Our conference is the most popular and biggest event for us during the year. This is where attendees get to come together with like-minded individuals, many of which they already connect with online on a regular basis.

KIDsteaders get to meet other kids and pen pals that they’ve connected with over the past year. And they get to experience fun activities and demos on-site!

Adults and parents get to enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and learn from professional and experienced teachers, authors, and lecturers like Joel Salatin, Eustace Conway, Stacy Lyn Harris, Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, and more! Our keynote speaker lineup changes each year.

Each day hosts several different speakers to learn from. There are multiple breaks throughout the day where you can enjoy demonstrations, mingle with homesteading vendors, visit with your favorite speakers, and even grab a snack or lunch  (on-site)! We also allow 30 minutes in-between speakers so that you can get to your next class or take a few minutes to enjoy our vendors.

Organization Membership & Online Summits

We are so honored to have so many members in our organization. Members receive access to videos from each year’s conference, special discounts from sponsors and vendors, and other perks and benefits.

You can find out more about memberships by clicking here.