Best Knife Sharpener

Having a sharp knife makes all the difference as to whether the work of slicing, cutting, chopping, and more is a dream…. or a nightmare. Dull knives make food preparation (or whatever the job is) frustrating and sometimes a literal pain. Properly sharpening your knives extend their life so having a quality knife sharpener is an important and wise investment.

If you’re having any trouble slicing through something as simple as a tomato, it’s time to give your knives a little TLC and sharpen them up.

Homesteaders of America conference speaker Doug, from the Off-Grid with Doug & Stacy YouTube channel, shares what just might be the best knife sharpener he’s ever used, The Apex from Edge Pro.

Most chef’s agree: Using a whetstone is the superior way to keep your blades in tip top condition. Considering that improperly sharpening your knives could decrease their life expectancy or even worse damage and ruin them, it’s learning how to properly sharpen knives is an important skill to add to your homestead skill set.

Made in the USA, this knife sharpener takes the guesswork out of putting a precise edge on one of your most important homestead tools, the knife! Watch Doug as he explains the benefits of this knife sharpener and shows how easy it is to use a whetstone to put a sharp edge on your knives.

As Doug points out, this tool could turn into a knife sharpening side business to make a little extra money on the homestead. It would also make a great gift for the homesteader who does a lot of food prep for canning or home butchering.

Once you learn how to do it properly, sharpening knives can be a relaxing productive task to do to keep your hands busy while you catch up with your favorite homestead YouTube channels after a long day in the garden!

The Best Knife Sharpener