Justin Rhodes Tour of Lehman's

During the Rhodes Family’s Great American Farm Tour, they stopped by Homesteaders of America conference sponsor, Lehman’s, for a tour!

Lehman’s is THE store for homesteaders! They have everything you need to get your self-sufficient homestead up and running 

Here are just some of the reasons why we love Lehman’s so much:⠀⠀

  • They are passionate about this lifestyle! And they make their passion contagious!
  • They value locally made and USA made products.
  • They honor the past and respect tradition.
  • They sell low-tech items in a high-tech world.⠀
  • They carry what others don’t when it comes to homesteading items.
  • They stock non-electrical products that are dependable and reliable.
  • And most importantly, they stand together with their vendors and employees to bring their customers A Simpler Life.⠀

More about Lehman’s: 

Why were we voted the best place to visit in Amish Country? Why is there “a store nowhere else” (and a company nowhere else) like us? Because we exist to create A Simpler Life for you and your loved ones. Jay Lehman opened Lehman’s in 1955 to serve the Amish with practical, non-electric tools, appliances and home goods. Along the way he learned from them the importance of offering satisfaction, sustainability and relationships to the community where we work and live, in an honest and understandable way. We exist to help you break through the clutter, chaos and confusion that is the modern world. You want to build traditions with your family, learn old-time skills, grow and harvest your own food, and we are here to help.

Join Justin Rhodes and his family on their tour of Lehman’s while they learn the fascinating history of the store and show you some of the most amazing products that you can add to your off-grid home, modern homestead or give as gifts to the favorite homesteaders in your life!

During their tour of Lehman’s they discover the wide variety of high-quality gardening supplies, wood stoves, non-electric refrigeration, water pumps, tools & supplies for your hard-working farmhouse kitchen, lanterns, off-grid laundry, toys for kids, even cow bells, and so much more that you’ll be excited to go shopping for your next homestead supplies!

You can shop Lehman’s at their retail location in Kidron, Ohio, online, or through their catalogue!