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  1. Good morning Doug tripped over this site on homesteaders of america and watched your interveiw with the wranglerstar crew I watched them for about a year and caught some utube videos with you and your wife frequently as well. I love all the content that both of your families highlite and will continue to watch and pick up hints and ideas. My goal one day is to homestead with my 21 year old son and put into practice all my life experiences and challenge him to continue living asatisfied and productive lifestyle. He has been my shadow and thrill for the past 21 years and i,m impressed with him so far /look forward to the next proud things a parent can share I hope to meet you and your wife, maybe the wranglerstar group too. I will check the show/conference schedule for 2018 and do my best to attend. Thank you again for showing me that homesteading is a goal that can be attained. Jeff

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