Gifts for Homesteaders

Looking for the perfect gift idea for the homesteader in your life? Homesteaders of America is here to help! We’ve compiled a collection of all the BEST gifts for homesteaders so you can give joy to your favorite farmer!

Of course, there’s no better gift for homesteaders than the opportunity to gather with like-minded folks, build community, be inspired, and learn how to homestead even better. That’s why, NEW for 2021, we are offering GIFT CARDS for the 2021 Homesteaders of America conference to be held on October 8th & 9th in Front Royal, Virginia!

Each gift card is for two people to enjoy both days of the conference! (Admission is free for children under the age of 17.) Your loved one will be able to sit in on lectures from their favorite farmers, getting inspired while learning their secrets of success. They will get to mingle with their tribe, making new friends and greeting old ones. They’ll find the tools and resources to build their homestead and make life easier as they stroll down the rows of vendors, sponsors, and authors.

(And the whole time, their heart will be overflowing with gratitude towards you for your generous gift that keeps on giving!)

Gifts for Homesteaders

From gardeners to livestock farmers, the home cheesemaker or the home butcher… Whether you’re shopping for the kidsteader or the crazy chicken lady in your life, we’ve got a list of gift ideas for you!

In this gift guide you’ll find gifts for homesteaders including:

  • Gardeners
  • Chicken Lovers
  • The Farm Kitchen
  • The Farmhouse
  • Homestead Management Tools
  • Homestead Library
  • Farmer Apparel
  • Kidsteaders
  • Livestock Owners
  • Cheesemakers
  • Home Butchers
  • Homestead Skill Building

Gift Guide for Gardeners

It may be the dead of winter, but I promise you, your gardener is already dreaming about sowing seeds come springtime. They will love these gardening gift ideas for homesteaders that will help them grow even better!

Gift for Homesteaders (Gardening)
  1. Plow through weeds with a Wheel Hoe from Hoss Tools.
  2. Love those garden-worn hands with a Hand Care Kit.
  3. Stunning Hand Forged Garden Tools could be a family heirloom.
  4. Lug tools or bring in the harvest with a basket.
  5. Grow fungi with Mushroom Plugs or Logs from Windmere Farm.
  6. Stop filling shirts, use a Roo Apron to bring in the harvest.
  7. Make them smile in August with the Sunflower Seed Collection.
  8. Get started growing seeds with a Premium Seed Starting Kit.
  9. Orchard harvesting is easy with a Fruit Picker.
  10. Don’t let bugs get all their hard work! Use an Organic Pest Control Kit .

Gifts for the Chicken Lover

Every chicken lover, crazy or otherwise, will be thrilled to know you just “get them” when you get them one of these awesome gifts for their flock.

Gifts for Homesteaders (Chickens & Poultry)
  1. Save on chicks- hatch your own with a Professional Grade Incubator.
  2. Freshen up the Nesting Box with Herbs
  3. No more nightly chores with an Automatic Coop Door.
  4. Gather eggs with beautiful handmade Egg Baskets
  5. Get a Chick Starter Kit from Premier One
  6. Custom Egg Stamps are adorable!
  7. Raise quail! Get Quail Hatching Eggs from AJ Farm.
  8. Every chicken lady (or gent) needs a handmade Chicken Mug!
  9. Urban Farmers will love a mini Chicken Coop Kit.
  10. Give the gift of chicks with a gift certificate from Murray McMurray Hatchery!

Gift Guide for the Farm Kitchen

So much of a homesteader’s life is kitchen-centric. It’s all about good, healthy food after all! That’s why tools for the farm kitchen always make great gift ideas for homesteaders!

Gifts for Homestaders (Farmhouse Kitchen)
  1. All farm kitchens need a Lehman’s Cast Iron Skillet!
  2. A Canister Set for the look of copper without the price.
  3. Start canning at home Canning Tool Set.
  4. Discover the joys of Sourdough with a Starter Kit.
  5. Get beauty & function with Hand Carved Wooden Spoons from Riverwood Trading.
  6. Dry the harvest with an Excalibur Dehydrator.
  7. Every home canner needs an All-American Pressure Canner.
  8. Home cooks would love a beautiful handmade Wooden Cutting Board.
  9. Every kitchen needs quality knives like these from Victorinox.
  10. Learn the art of Fermentation with a Starter Set.

Gifts to Freshen up the Farmhouse

Just because we live on a farm doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful homes! These gifts will spruce up the place and add brightness and& cheeriness to make any farm home an enjoyable haven at the end of a hard day of work.

Gifts for Homesteaders (Farmhouse)
  1. Cozy Candles in Wooden Dough Bowls you can repurpose later!
  2. A Crocheted Basket is pretty & functional.
  3. Every farmhouse needs a Custom Homestead Sign with the farm name on it!
  4. Enjoy a breezy day with a Cooper Chicken Wind Chime.
  5. Bright & fresh Farmhouse Toss Pillows are sure to be a hit!
  6. Stunning Custom Needlefelt Wall Art of their favorite critter!
  7. Greet guests to the Farmhouse with this custom Welcome Mat.
  8. Forget the wreath! This Wooden Cow Door Hanger is too cute!
  9. Embrace the simple life with this Laura Ingalls Wilder Quote Art.
  10. Bring them running at meal time with this wrought iron Dinner Bell.

Give the Gift of Homestead Management

An organized and well-managed farm is a more PRODUCTIVE farm! These tools all help the homesteader run the farm more smoothly and efficiently. Keeping records will help the homesteader plan better, keep track of successes & failures, and grow more!

Gifts for Homesteaders (Homestead Management)
  1. Know how old eggs are with this Egg Carton Stamp.
  2. Keep track of the harvest with a Heavy Duty Kitchen Scale.
  3. Don’t forget what’s in those jars with these pretty Canning Labels.
  4. Get that Seed Stash Organized!
  5. The 2020 Homestead Journal is the ULTIMATE homestead management tool!
  6. Keep track of yields & expenses with an annual subscription to Smartsteader app.
  7. Know what you planted using Bamboo Plant Markers.
  8. A custom fabric binder with the farm name & year for printable worksheets.
  9. Organize the farm with our set of Homestead Management Printables.
  10. Help a farm-based business run smoothly with the Homestead Business Planner.

Gifts for the Homestead Library

Give the gift of knowledge! Every homesteader loves their resources and these books and magazines will make fantastic additions to the homestead library!

Gifts for Homesteaders (Books)
  1. The Organic Gardener’s Natural Pest & Disease Control Handbook is great for your favorite gardener.
  2. Get a Countryside Magazine Subscription!
  3. Country Wisdom & Know-How is THE homesteader’s compendium.
  4. Fall in love with simple home cooking with The Prairie Homestead Cookbook.
  5. Learn how to plan your garden for production with The Family Garden Plan.
  6. The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest needs to be on every home canner’s shelf.
  7. Simple Farmhouse Life is perfect for the DIY farmwife.
  8. Care for your farm & family the natural way with The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion.
  9. Timber Creek Farmer’s Homestead Collection
  10. The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook is a must-have for all chicken owners.

Homestead Apparel Gifts

Whether it’s for function or showing off homesteader pride, farm apparel always is a good gift idea for homesteaders when you’re not quite sure what to get!

Gifts for Homesteaders (Farm Apparel)
  1. Keep warm in a Floral Chicken Hoodie from Fluffy Layers.
  2. Make Home canners happy with a “Canning is My Jam” t-shirt.
  3. Flock Mama’s will LOVE this ball cap!
  4. Every homesteader you know needs a Homesteaders of America cap!
  5. Leggings with POCKETS. Need I say more?!
  6. Homesteaders of America who love their land and country will also love this 1776 t-shirt.
  7. Gather eggs without breaking any using an Egg Gathering Apron.
  8. Hunters need a camo long sleeved tee from Homesteaders of America!
  9. Farmher’s want a jacket that’s built tough and made so you can move!
  10. Skellerups are THE ULTIMATE FARM BOOT! Made to last more than a season or two.

Gifts for the Kidsteader

Kids love the farm life too! They’re going to be so excited to open up any of these gifts, especially the little tools that will help them do big jobs on the homestead. Just like mom & dad!

Gifts for Homesteaders (Kidsteader)
  1. Keep clothes clean and protected with a Canvas Farm Apron.
  2. Help big kids get farm jobs done with ease using a Swiss Army Pocket Knife.
  3. Preserve plants with a plant press from Sow the Land.
  4. Protect little hands with heavy duty Work Gloves.
  5. Farm kids love farm t-shirts!
  6. Cultivate a love of gardening with a Hand Tool Set and Tote.
  7. Carhartt coveralls aren’t just for the grown-ups.
  8. Building skills by using Real Tools made for their size!
  9. REAL yard work tools for kids from Lehman’s!
  10. They’ll be hauling everything with their own wheelbarrow.

Gift Guide for Livestock Owners

Whether it’s pigs, sheep, goats, cows or more your favorite farmer is going to surely appreciate these tools and resources that will help them better care for their stock!

Gifts for Homestaders (Livestock)
  1. Nobody wants to break ice. Using a stock tank de-icer makes one less winter chore.
  2. The human body does not have to be a Fence Tester.
  3. Keep the mud outdoors where it belongs with a Cast Iron Boot Scraper.
  4. Merck Veterinary Manual is THE ultimate guide in farm animal health.
  5. No farmer (or farmher) should be without a good Leatherman multitool set.
  6. A well-stocked emergency kit for the barn is a must-have!
  7. No need for cold feet even in the most frigid temps with Electric Socks!
  8. Get started with bees! Premium Beekeepers Kit.
  9. Premier One gift certificates are always appreciated!
  10. Get chores done after dark with a Rechargeable Headlamp.

Gifts for the Cheesemaker

Cheesemakers often acquire the tools they needs slowly over time. Help them get there faster and share a gift or two from this collection of gifts for those who love to make homemade cheese.

Gifts for Homesteaders (Cheesemaking)
  1. Get started with a Beginners Cheesemaking Kit.
  2. A hand towel made just for cheese lovers!
  3. 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes- one of the best books you find!
  4. Kitchen Creamery makes cheesemaking beautiful and easy.
  5. Keep cheese out of a puddle with Bamboo Draining Mats.
  6. This long-probe Thermometer clips to the vat, is self-calibrating and has a 5-year warranty!
  7. A Cheese Ladle is an essential tool.
  8. Cut curds with a long Curd Knife.
  9. Stainless steel cheese presses are easy to clean and don’t hold odor.
  10. A beautiful custom cheese board & knives are perfect to show off their creations!

Gifts for the Home Butcher

An increasing number of homesteaders are building butchery skills and gaining confidence to process their own meat at home. These tools will make the job go more smoothly with less stress on butchering day.

Gifts for Homesteaders (Home Butcher)
  1. Know how much meat weighs with a hanging scale.
  2. Every home butcher needs a high-quality Meat Grinder.
  3. A handmade leather butchers apron makes an excellent gift!
  4. Adam Danforth’s books are the best in home butchery!
  5. Glide through bones with a professional grade meat saw.
  6. Make sure the home butcher has a Field Dressing Knife Kit on hand.
  7. Get started butchering chickens with a kit from Murray McMurray.
  8. Carve your roasts with what may be the best home Meat Slicer.
  9. Turn any small space into a cold room with a CoolBot! Great for aging meat and more!
  10. Keep knives sharp thanks to a good Whetstone Sharpening Kit.

Give the Gift of Homestead Skills

Building homesteading skills is an essential part of living the homestead life. These gift ideas are wonderful for homesteaders young and old who want to learn how to do something new.

Gifts for Homesteaders (Skills)
  1. Knit a warm beanie with this pattern.
  2. Bamboo Knitting Needles come in a cute teal storage pouch.
  3. Learn weaving with a Harvest Basket Kit.
  4. Make yarn with a Drop Spindle and Roving.
  5. Like wooden spoons? Here’s the perfect Wood Carving Starter Kit.
  6. Everything needed to dive in with a Soap Making Kit.
  7. Jan Berry’s Simple Natural Soapmaking is the best for beginners!
  8. Free Range Yarn Bouquet Kit is better than flowers!
  9. Naturally dye wool is easy with this kit from Free Range Yarn.
  10. This Basic Sewing Kit contains everything to get started.

Tell us, homesteader? What gifts would you love to get from your friends and family?

Want the perfect gift idea for the homesteader in your life? We've got the BEST gifts for homesteaders so you can give joy to your favorite farmer!
Want the perfect gift idea for the homesteader in your life? We've got the BEST gifts for homesteaders so you can give joy to your favorite farmer!