Announcing the 2021 The Homestead Journal Planner -- the farm planner for every homesteader

I’ve spent countless amounts of money on farm and homestead planners every year, and none of them seem to work for me. So then, I switched to a cheap plain monthly calendar. That didn’t work either. And the reality is that, even if I did find a calendar planner that worked to keep track of dates, it didn’t help me with all the various papers flying around for my homestead projects, goals, finances, bills that need paying, seed sowing, canning schedule, and more.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in a farm planner, so we created one!

Earlier this year we sat down and thought about all the things we might want in a farm and homestead planner. I think this planner will grow and expand each and every year, but for now, it has the basics that every single homesteader and farmer may need.

Not only is it a planner, though, it’s also a journal.

Our ancestors knew the importance of keeping track of all the things that happened on the farm, in the garden, and with their livestock each and every year. The importance was rooted in reference. What grew well that year, how can you use that to prepare for the next year? And not just immediate reference, but decades worth of references.

For example, if you’re having a very wet and cold year and you think to yourself “this reminds me of 5 years ago,” you can then go back, pull out that year’s journal planner, and plan for your new year. There is greatness in patterns, records, and documenting your homestead life.

This is why we’ve added things like a weather tracker for each day of the week, a sowing and harvesting record keeper for every week, and enough journal pages in the back of the planner to help you document your entire homestead year!

What an incredible legacy to leave behind for your kids and grandkids, too!

And the best part?


And it will ship out starting in November, if not earlier.

Here’s more information about our brand new planner—The Homestead Journal Planner!

Organize your homestead in 2021 with this unique planner—The Homestead Journal Planner! Everything you need to keep track of, all in one high quality, flat setting planner. With a light vintage gray card stock cover that allows flexibility, this planner is something you can keep on your bookshelf (and look nice!) and easily reference back to for years to come. 

It’s more than just a yearly planner. We’ve created this planner to be a journal style planner meant to keep track of all the important things that happen in your life and on your homestead. Write daily journal entries about what happens on your homestead, with your family, and more. Keep track of the weather every single day in the weekly calendar portion so that you can go back year after year and see what the weather was like. Having a cooler year than normal? Find a year that it resembled in the past and see what grew well for you that year! 

The Homestead Journal Planner isn’t just a planner for one year, it’s a planner to help you build your homestead for years to come.

  • 2021 Goals & Projects Worksheets: write down your goals for the year, the budget for each goal/project, due dates, to-do steps, and more!
  • Important Notes from 2020: use this worksheet to write down important things, like how the weather was like the previous year, when did you first sow outdoors, how did your experimental projects go, and what were the first and last frost dates?
  • 2021 Dates to Remember: broken down by month, this worksheet allows you to quickly see the important dates you absolutely need to remember this year.
  • Seasonal To-Do List: each season brings its own to-do list. Use this section to write down some of the chores and seasonal things you need to accomplish this year.
  • Website Login Records: keep track of your businesses, websites, usernames, passwords, and more.
  • Important Contacts: write down important addresses, phone numbers, and emails for people you need to remember, or who farm sitters may need to get in contact with.
  • Monthly Financial Overview: financially break down each month of the year in these helpful worksheets. For each month, keep track of your total income, household expenses, feed expenses, garden expenses, and more. Then, figure out what you have leftover each month after all of your expenses have been taken out.
  • Daily Rhythm Printable: use this sheet as a base to make printables each week. Write down your schedule of things you need do to get it all done morning, mid-day, evening, and before bed.
  • Monthly Calendar + Notes/To-do/Projects: a quick and easy way to find major events happening in your month. Also, keep track of monthly moon cycles, projects and things on your monthly to-do list, and important notes for (or from) the month.
  • Weekly Calendar + Notes/Projects: keep track of more detailed events, appointments, the weather, and more in the weekly calendar portion of the planner. There is also a sidebar for weekly notes and projects.
  • Weekly Meal Plan: Conveniently placed with the weekly calendar, plan out your weekly means as you’re planning your week!
  • Weekly Planting & Harvesting Schedule: keep track of what you need to plant and harvest each and every week of the year. This makes it easier for you to go back and see when you planted something, and when you should be harvesting it!
  • Monthly Financial Records: keep track of the bills you need to pay each month (and check off when you’ve paid them), expenses, and due dates for monthly financials.
  • Monthly Goals & Habits Tracker: keep track of your goals and habits for the month, and mark them off when you’re done!
  • Monthly Egg Tally: for each day of the week, write down your egg tally so you can keep track of all the work your chickens are accomplishing! 
  • Monthly Harvest Production Record: an easy place to record all of your harvest production from that month.
  • Monthly Pantry & Freezer Inventory: wondering what’s in that fridge and pantry? Make it simply by taking an inventory each month so that you never run out! You can also see what products you go through the most during certain years so that you can plan for the year ahead.
  • 2022 Year at a Glance: Write down important dates, projects, chores that need to get done, and notes for 2022 as your 2021 year progresses. There is a box for each month of 2022 where you can jot down important things!
  • Homestead Production & Expense Records: In this section you’ll find yearly garden expenses and production; poultry expenses and production; home dairy expenses and production; livestock expenses and production; beekeeping expenses and production; general farm expenses and production.
  • Livestock Health Records: keep important yearly medical records, breeding records, notes, and more for your livestock.
  • Garden Planning: use the provided graph sheet to plan out your yearly garden, as well as a blank page with a key/scale to help you build your best garden yet!
  • Seed Inventory and Sowing Schedule: wondering what seeds you need to buy? Use the handy seed inventory sheet in the planner to help you know what you have and what you need more of. Likewise, use the seed sowing schedule (in addition to your weekly schedule) to record when you planted, when you should plant, and more.
  • Home Canning Cheat Sheets: from applesauce to green beans, we’ve put together a set of canning cheat sheets that will help you know what you need to water bath can or pressure can, and how long to process them!
  • Curing Records: keep track of all of your curing adventures and recipes with this convenient worksheet.
  • Herbal Inventory: as you harvest your herbs, keep a record of what you have, where you got the herbs from, herbal preparations that you’ve made, and more.
  • Daily Journal Entries: daily journal entry sheets round up the back of the planer. These journal sheets allow you to keep track of daily weather, habits, chores, memories, garden discoveries, and more. Leave behind a legacy for your children and grandchildren, or even use them as a help reference for future years where you can see what worked well and what didn’t on your homestead.

Shipping is included in the price.

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