Homestead Business Weekend

April 12-13, 2024


43 Pure Meadows Lane

Swoope, VA 24479

Learn to make your homestead pay for itself with this information-packed business event.

We all start homesteading and farming for different reasons, but many of us love it so much that we decide we want it to become a profitable income for us.

A few years ago we hosted an in-person Homestead Business weekend, with in-depth 2+ hour-long classes. We dove deep into the questions everyone wanted and needed to know—how do we get started, how do we know what our profit margins are, and can we make a living off of selling our extras? These were some of the most common questions. This quickly became our most popular HoA event simply because those who were serious about making a living off of their homestead or farm could sit down with the speakers and experts that were actually doing it, and personally ask them their questions.

In 2024, we’re doing it all over again, but this time, we’re doing it at the most popular farm in America—Polyface farm. If there’s any farm you should be learning at when it comes to business, it’s Polyface.

Enjoy in-depth, two-hour discussion classes from the homesteaders and farmers that are making a living off of what we all love to do. Whether you’re wanting to be the next Polyface farm, or you just want your homestead to pay for itself. Whether you’re trying to get yourself and your spouse both at home, or you’re just trying to leave the 9 to 5 for yourself. Whatever your reason, you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from those who are truly doing it, not just over the last few years, but for the last few decades. Learning how to create a sustainable model for years to come is essential, especially with our changing economy and political atmosphere.

A “straight from Polyface” LUNCH is included for ALL ticket holders. BREAKFAST is also included for our VIP ticket holders (in addition to lunch).

Are you ready to make your homestead or farm pay for itself, and beyond? Then don’t miss this event!


This event has two ticket options: regular and VIP. Regular ticket holders will receive access to all of the lectures and lunch. VIP ticket holders will have access to lectures and lunch as well as breakfast and a guided tour around Polyface!

VIP Tickets:

  • Access to All Lectures
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • VIP Polyface Guided Farm Tour (~2 hours)

Regular Tickets:

  • Access to All Lectures
  • Lunch


  • How to Start and Maintain a Profitable Dairy Herdshare
  • Raising Broilers for Profit
  • How to Profit by Teaching Others
  • Making an Income off of your “Extras”
  • Making the Farm Pay for Itself
  • Making an Income off of Blogging, YouTube, and Social Media
  • Q&A Time with the Experts (bring ALL of your business questions!)
  • and More! Check back often for updates

PLUS! VIP ticket holders will get the chance to take a guided business-minded tour around Polyface Farm with the farm business experts!

Meet the Speakers

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farm

Daniel Salatin

Daniel Salatin

Polyface Farm

Shawn & Beth Dougherty

The Independent Farmstead

Ann Accetta-Scott

A Farm Girl in the Making

Janet Garman

Timber Creek Farmer

Event Schedule

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