A Farm Girl in the Making

Ann is the founder, blogger and face behind the brand A Farm Girl in the Making. She and her husband have transformed a single family mountain home on two acres into a sustainable homestead. They have left behind an urban life to reclaim a more traditional, simple lifestyle. They raise small livestock for meat purposes, including poultry, fowl, rabbits, and soon goats. In addition, they maintain a large garden, and preserve much of the food which they raise and grow.

While living a homesteading life Ann is also an encourager and teacher. She has made it her mission to bring as many as possible into the world of cooking from scratch, raising livestock for meat, gardening, DIY homesteading projects and preserving food as a modern homesteader.

Ann’s book, The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest, is an easy to comprehend guide which provides newcomers the confidence to preserve foods at home. Regardless of the skill level, Ann’s book will take you from canning, drying, curing, fermenting, storing raw foods, to various methods of freezing. As a modern homesteader, her goal is to forge a partnership and understanding of traditional and scientific methods for home food preservation.

Topic: Old Time Ways to Preserve Your Harvest for the Prepper Pantry

Date: Friday, October 8th at 1PM