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The conference is absolutely amazing. It’s like a big family reunion without all the drama. We love seeing everybody! The whole event is just fantastic! If you do one homesteading event make this be the one.”
Meg HollarThe Hollar Homestead

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JOEL SALATIN :: Polyface Farm

JUSTIN RHODES :: The Justin Rhodes Show

RORY FEEK :: Storyteller

Stocking Up the Nourishing Traditions Way :: SALLY FALLON MORELL

MELISSA K. NORRIS :: Pioneering Today

12 Easiest & Healthiest Vegetables to Grow :: MIKE DICKSON

ALEXIA KULWIEC :: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

The Most Valuable Vegetable Crops for the Homesteader :: GREG & TRAVIS KEY

DARRYL PATTON :: The Southern Herbalist

The Homestead Composting Toilet :: DOUG & STACY

Hams on the Homestead :: HAND HEWN FARM

You CAN Homestead :: JASON SMITH

Homesteading After Cancer :: JASON & LORRAINE CONTRERAS

JEREMY CHAMBERS :: Independent Acres

How to Build Your Food Security Quickly to Prepare for the Worst :: JASON MATYAS

Honeybees on the Homestead :: KAYLEE RICHARDSON

Conference Topics

Farm Kids

• How to Work with Your Kids So They Will Want to Work with You on the Farm :: Joel Salatin

• Family Friendly Homesteading: How to Homestead with Your Family :: Justin Rhodes

Permaculture & Gardening

• Intro to Permaculture: Designing Your BEST Homestead :: Justin Rhodes

• The Most Valuable Vegetable Crops for the Homesteader :: Greg & Travis Key

• 12 Easiest & Healthiest Vegetables to Grow :: Mike Dickson

Healthy Lifestyle & Eating

• Stocking Up, The Nourishing Traditions Way :: Sally Fallon Morell

• Homesteading After Cancer :: Jason & Lorraine Contreras

• Elderberry :: John Moody

• Cheesemaking :: Connie Meyer

• Fermenting the Harvest :: Off-Grid with Doug & Stacy

• Baking with Sourdough :: John Moody

• Prosciutto & Hams: Meat on the Homestead :: Hand Hewn Farm


• Honeybees on the Homestead :: Kaylee Richardson

• Laws Homesteaders Should Know (From Raw Milk to Egg Sales!) :: Alexia Kulwiec

• Homegrown Food Storage :: Melissa K. Norris

•Homestead Meat Rabbits :: Jeremy Chambers

• “I Can Homestead” Inspirational Talk :: Jason Smith

• How to Build Your Food Security Quickly to Prepare for the Worst :: Jason Matyas

• The Homestead Composting Toilet :: Off-Grid with Doug & Stacy

Watch the Speakers Live from Your Own Home

Conference Schedule

2020 Homesteaders of America Conference Schedule

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The videos will be released LIVE on October 9th & 10, 2020, complete with Q & A sessions with many of the speakers! But you will have all week to watch the videos before they are no longer available. We will be releasing the schedule and complete topic list soon!

When you purchase a pass, the stream will only be available FOR ONE WEEK, until October 16th. After that the videos will be available to Homesteaders of America Members only

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Watch the Speakers Live from Your Own Home

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After you register for the conference you will be sent login information via email by Thursday October 8th, 2020. 

The conference will be held over the Zoom platform. 

You will be able to use your login information on any device you choose, including different devices throughout the conference; however, you can only login on one device at a time. 

If your family would like to watch the conference on MULTIPLE devices at the SAME TIME you will need to purchase an additional pass for each device you would like to use simultaneously. 

Want to watch the conference on your television? Check out this article that shows you how to connect Zoom to your TV!

Please note that there are no refunds on virtual conference tickets.

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Watch the Speakers Live from Your Own Home