Who We Are

Homesteaders of America is an organization created by homesteaders, for homesteaders. We believe in living a simple life. We believe in modern and conservative homesteading. And we believe in making homesteading normal again. We are men, women, children, old, young, college educated and high school drop outs. We are simply people taking control of our lives to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Growing gardens, raising farm animals, and becoming self-sufficient—in a backyard, on a rooftop, or on 100 acres.

Our Story

Amy Fewell began her homesteading journey not long after her son was diagnosed with asthma. She wanted a better lifestyle for her family, and instead of waiting for someone to change it, she decided to take control of her and her family’s health. First came chickens, then came a garden, and the gateway to homestead swung wide open.

Homesteaders of America was conceived with the heart of offering educational videos, articles, and support to those who wish to begin homesteading and those who are seasoned homesteaders. What Amy soon realize was that there wasn’t readily available education online for homesteading from trusted sources. Not only that, but we were lacking a “village”. Homesteading takes a village, and attending one of our events feels like a big family reunion.

On our website you’ll find videos, video clips from our conferences, articles from trusted homesteaders, DIY and how-to, homestead legalities, and support. We’re here to make homesteading in America not just a trend, but a lifetime achievement.

Meet the Team

This incredible website and event couldn’t come together without some equally amazing people and companies behind it.


Amy Fewell

Founder and CEO

Amy is the author and homesteader of The Fewell Homestead blog and website. Her and her family raise heritage breed animals on their small half-acre in Virginia. She believes in holistic living and living with intent. She’s  a writer, photographer, and a pretty awesome chicken wrangler! She is the mastermind behind our annual homestead conference & fair, and one of the most down to earth people you’ll meet. She has authored two books, The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion and The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook.

Nunda Morris

CFO and Founding Partner
Bonne Terre Homestead

Living on her homestead in Mississippi, Nunda and her family enjoy the simple life while raising chickens and bees. With a careers in finances and a background in business management, Nunda brings organization and structure to the HOA team and organization. Nunda is also an HOA business partner and founding member.


Ann Accetta-Scott

Executive Director and Founding Partner
A Farm Girl in the Making


Ann and her family currently live in the Pacific North West, where they battle wet conditions all year long on their homestead. They are pros when it comes to holistic living and keeping your livestock and garden healthy in the PNW. On their homestead they raise ducks, chickens, quail, rabbits, goats, and more!

Ann is our incredible social media manager and the Executive Director of the organization. She is also a business partner and founding member of the HOA organization.

Amanda Bealle

Executive Assistant
The Fundamental Home

Amanda and her family hope to live the homesteading dream one day, but in the meantime they are growing and learning all that they can to start their dream homestead one day. Amanda is the founder of The Fundamental Home and Frugal Family Food, where she talks about eating well on a budget and being an incredible homemaker.

Amanda is the Executive and Administrative assistant to the HOA Founder and partners. Amanda is Amy’s right hand assistant and acts in Amy’s place on an admin level when necessary.


Piedmont Publications

Conference Hosts

Piedmont Publishing Group is a group of publications located in Virginia, including the Rappahannock News, Culpeper Times, Lifestyle Magazines (Broad Run, Haymarket, Warrenton), and more. They believe in honest living and honest business practices, and they promote farming, rural living, and generosity. We are honored that they have chosen to work alongside us to help promote this organization and our events!

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If you are interested in becoming a speaker, demonstrator, vendor, or partner, we want to hear from you!

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