Homesteaders of America Conference

The emails have been streaming in consistently. The same questions over and over again—are you cancelling the conference? are you requiring vaccines? are you making us wear a mask? are temperature checks required at the door? are we going to be spaced 6-feet apart?

Here’s the simple answer…

We will not comply with unconstitutional mandates and executive orders set forth by the Biden administration, or any administration, when it comes to the religious, health, educational, and personal freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America.

You have the freedom to wear a mask or not wear a mask. You have the freedom to be vaccinated or not be vaccinated. You have the freedom to come to our event whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan. You have the freedom to attend one of our events whether you’re a Christian or a muslim. That’s the beauty of America.

No, there will not be temperature checks at the gate. No, we are not cancelling the event unless the property owner literally says we are not allowed to have it there (which we do not foresee). No, we are not requiring proof of vaccination. And if you want to be spaced 6-feet apart, we suggest that you either bring yourself in a bubble, or simply enjoy watching the event from the privacy of your own home. Either way, we won’t judge you.

If you should show up with a mask to our event, welcome. If you don’t have a mask on, welcome. If you are vaccinated, welcome. If you are not vaccinated, welcome.

I will hold every single one of you to this standard at our events, and expect the same in return. Because this is how America works.

Welcome to Homesteaders of America, where we aim to remind America of who she truly is, and who she needs to once again become. A land of sustainable farmers, homesteaders, statesmen and women, and communities that are strong and capable. That are free and giving. That are honorable and courageous. If this isn’t ok with you, that’s fine too. Because that’s your freedom. But I would recommend finding a different organization to support if this upsets you. We’ve enjoyed you while you’ve been here.

Here at HoA we celebrate this simple lifestyle. We celebrate the ability to grow our own food, to choose how to educate our children, to naturally and alternatively tend to our family’s health, and so much more. We aren’t newbies at this, my friends. Many of us have been living this lifestyle for decades. If we simply preach freedom, but don’t participate in the action of freedom and patriotism, then we’re simply another hypocritical resounding gong. We tend to practice what we preach.

I refuse to allow this organization to succumb to the despotism that is taking our beautiful country by storm. I refuse to allow the oligarchy to have its foothold in a community that I have fought so hard to grow and protect. This is where we draw the line. This is where we say, “you can come no further”. And this is where you will discover whether or not you’re truly prepared to fight for this lifestyle that you so claim to believe and love.

The amount of individuals that have reached out to us to tell us that they are unable to attend the upcoming events due to being fired from their place of business simply because they refuse to inject their bodies with something they don’t believe in, is disturbing. But it is equally encouraging.

We will never make a difference in this country if we simply roll over and accept authoritatianism. And the amount of individuals within this community that are waking up, taking a stand, and saying “you cannot and will not tread on me,” is astounding. You are the heros and heroines. You are the patriots.

You are the heritage descendant leaders of our Founders. You are the generation that will remind America of who she is. You are the freedom fighters who are drawing the line and saying, “if it be so, then we will create a new life where you cannot touch us….because we are Americans.”

In 1773 they called us extremists. In 1776 they called us Americans. But it didn’t happen overnight. We have always had to fight for our freedoms. We will continue to fight for them.

I encourage you to be strong and of good courage. I encourage you to rally your local communities and say “no further”. I encourage you to create your own sources of revenue, food systems, educational systems, and community resources. There is nothing a tyrannical government fears more than a community that does not depend on it. There is nothing a government fears more than a community that is sustainable.

We are here. We hear you. We fight with you. We’ll see you in October…..