There is something incredible that happens when 6,000 people come together with the same mindset and goal—to live sustainably. In 2016 when Homesteaders of America (HoA) was conceptualized, we could’ve never imagined what it would turn into. With HoA quickly becoming the premier homesteading event to attend in the United States (and beyond), our 2023 tickets old out in 45-days at the beginning of the year. We know you’re already asking “when will 2024 tickets be on sale?” The 2024 HoA tickets will go on sale to MEMBERS FIRST on January 1, 2024. The following evening, whatever is left (and there should be plenty left, we think) will go on sale to the general public.

To ensure you get a ticket, become a member here.

Please know that we do not share “tickets go fast” as a marketing ploy. They legitimately go fast. Really, really fast. And we always sell out each year.

Now, moving on to the 2023 event, which was absolutely amazing!

One of my favorite moments every year is our opening ceremony. To hear so many voices singing the national anthem is incredible. There is a calmness and unity that comes across the crowd when we can sing our nation’s anthem together. Not because we agree with the government, but because we love America. And we do what we do because we love America, and we want to see America thrive. Homesteading is like creating a parallel system to the broken system we live in. We witnessed this in 2020 during the pandemic, but our food and health system were broken long before then.

From the anthem and opening prayer, we all parted ways to learn about all of the things. This year we had some topics we’ve never had before, and we wanted to make them as unique as possible. With the rising up of homestead events across the country, some topics are simply regurgitated over and over again. Here at HoA, we aim to be the place people come to learn about all the things they can’t learn on Youtube and Instagram. And this year, it didn’t disappoint.

On day one, Daniel Salatin taught us to create a full-farm set up. Shawn and Beth Dougherty taught us about setting up a water system on the homestead. Joshua Fuhrmann taught us about naturally keeping the family milk cow. Cassandra Daniel taught urban homesteaders how to grow in small spaces, abundantly! And even more topics came from our amazing speakers like stewarding God’s creation, homestead security, how to stop “schooling” your kids, mineral deficiency, herbal dentistry, natural bee keeping, and more. We even hosted Delegate Nick Freitas to talk about homestead and farming legislature, and how we can get involved and make a difference.

Day two was just as incredible. Topics ranging anywhere from raw milk dairy fermentation and dairy sheep, to our popular speaker Q&A and homestead midwifery. This year our kidsteader teachers blew it out of the park as well. The kidstead classes and topics were so in-depth and fun!

Our vendor selection was on point this year, and some of them had the most unique items to add to our communities. From soaps and food, to wooden spoons and hatching equipment—there was something for everyone.

Enjoy this gallery of photos from the 2023 event!

Thank you to All of You!

From our sponsors to our speakers, and our vendors to our volunteers—THANK YOU. HoA wouldn’t be what it is without each and every single one of you. You are the momentum behind what keeps this train rolling. You offer services, products, advice, and encouragement to this community that is unheard of in any other place. We honor you and all the hard work you put into this year to make it what it was—amazing and encouraging.

And to those who attended and who are part of this community—we thank you, too. Because without any of you, there would be no homesteading community. There would be no homesteading education.

Homesteaders of America is an organization and event created by homesteaders for homesteaders. We are literally just a few families and friends running this extraordinary event. We have our own homesteads and farms, and so we aren’t just playing around, we actually live what we believe. We practice what we preach. And this event is just as exciting for us to attend as it is for all of you.

We learn as much as you do. We grow right alongside of you. And we can’t wait to do it all over again in 2024!

We’re not done yet…Friday after the event…

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, we have always been very open with the fact that 90% of the homesteading community is of some denominational or non-denominational Christian belief. For years you guys have been asking us to have some kind of event within the event, and so this year, Homestead Revival was born. On Friday evening after the main event was over, we invited revivalist and Pastor Parker Green to join us for a night of homestead church.

It was a resounding call back to not only the land, but to Jesus. It was a trumpet warning saying “something big is coming, now is the time to prepare physically and spiritually”.

We were so blessed by his message (you can re-watch here), and a call to repentance led to eight homesteaders being baptized in a livestock water-trough behind the big barn of the fairgrounds. How fitting for a homestead revival, huh?

We enjoyed getting to meet you all, learn beside you, and educate others with you. See you in 2024!

Happy Homesteading!

Amy & the HoA Team

Photos by Molly M. Peterson


2023 Homesteaders of America Thank You & Recap