joel salatin


Editor’s Note: Have you heard the exciting news? Joel Salatin is joining us for our Country Living Workshop next month in Kidron, Ohio. Here’s a sneak peek of Joel’s farming practices and approach to homesteading.


If you’ve ever wondered how to make a living from a homestead, there’s a man who can tell you: Joel Salatin is that man. His family owns Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

Homesteading is – or should be – something like a closed circle. Everything supports and contributes to the success of everything else, looped in an endless cycle of healthy natural feedback. The result is a variety of different products – meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables – which the farmer can sell to earn income, all while making sure the land is nourished and protected. Salatin does this by following the cycles of nature, both in plant growth and in animal behavior.

Salatin operates his “beyond organic” operation by employing radical principles: Rather than fighting nature, he works in conjunction with nature. (Radical, no?) His success proves small farmers can use holistic management techniques that fly in the face of agri-business practices and even surpass the governmental “organic” certification (which Salatin dismisses as little more than bureaucratic paperwork but does little to help nature).

Salatin is an agrarian gladiator who enjoys sharing his expertise. But watch out: the man brooks no tolerance for conventional agricultural “wisdom.” Instead, he’s here to show small farmers how to make a profit from their land while maintaining healthy, sustainable practices.

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