Polyface Designs


The long-awaited Polyface Designs is finally available! Now you can dig deep into the brain of Joel Salatin and the workings of Polyface Farms. Discover EXACTLY how the structures and systems of “The Lunatic Farmer” are built and put into practice.

This is the book you always wished Joel would write!

Polyface Designs is the complete compendium of distinctive designs from the leading educator in regenerative agriculture, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms! In this in-depth, easy instruction manual you will find tips, tricks, and glean from the accumulated lessons learned through trial and error that have led to the most creative and innovative solutions in modern small scale farming!

From low-cost electric fencing, to portable structures, chick brooders, pig loading systems, formulas to calculate the area to raise livestock, and so much more, if you are building infrastructure on your farm or homestead this book is a must-read!

“In POLYFACE DESIGNS we do our best to prepare you for the infrastructure and thinking that will make this new venture into food production fun and not a nightmare….And if you’ve been doing it for a long time, I guarantee this book will have ideas and drawings you’ll find helpful to refine your existing infrastructure.”

Joel Salatin

From Polyface Farms:

Have you wondered how to build the Polyface broiler shelter, or the dolly to move it, or an Eggmobile, Gobbledygo or Shademobile? For folks getting started, folks adding enterprises, or folks wanting a cheaper bootstrap way to build portable livestock infrastructure, POLYFACE DESIGNS has all the diagrams and do-it-yourself building specifications. Joel Salatin wrote the text and Polyface former apprentice and engineer extraordinaire Chris Slattery did the drawings. Ultimately practical, the book includes how to build a corral, a home-made head gate and even how to select the right axle for your project. Square footage requirements for the deep bedding hay shed and area advice for pig pastures make this the definitive repository for a lifetime of Polyface experimentation.

A massive volume, it’s 568 pages are in full color and beautiful enough to be a coffee table book even though you’ll use it in your shop. Don’t let the cover price scare you; one building tip can more than save the price of the book.