Farm Like a Lunatic: Foundations in Farming & Homesteading with Joel Salatin

Introducing the Farm Like a Lunatic: Foundations of Farming & Homesteading Course by Joel Salatin!

When you look around the world it’s easy to realize there has never been a better time to stop homestead dreaming and start homestead DOING!

Now is always the best time to start focusing on regaining your “independence, self-reliance, & security” in areas of life such as food, energy, housing, health, and finances.

Even if you aren’t on your farm yet, there is still plenty of work to be done. Get your homestead education & start building skills!

And with Joel Salatin as your mentor & teacher you have NO EXCUSES!

While our friend, Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farm, has provided a literal library of wealth of knowledge to the modern regenerative agriculture movement for us to glean from, he is now dipping his toes in to the world of virtual learning and launching an online course!

Joel Salatin is the world’s most famous farmer, having been featured in bestselling books, Academy Award-nominated documentaries, and a whole lot more. Joel wants to pass on his wealth of knowledge about farming to you – including planning out your homestead, designing your landscape, and how to be profitable.

Just by reading his name, you know this is going to be amazing! And we’re honored to help spread the world to the world about his new Farm Like a Lunatic: Foundations of Farming & Homesteading Course!

We got a first look into his brand new course, and ya’ll, it’s everything you really need to get your feet on the ground and running with the basics.

Joel walks you through the basics of:

  • Finding a location for your homestead or farm
  • Putting together water sources
  • Defining the landscape
  • Defining your plan
  • Dodging mistakes
  • Developing mobility
  • Deciding profitability

and so much more!

The 17-episode Farm Like a Lunatic course goes LIVE and on-sale on MARCH 15TH. But for this week only, you can get access to THREE FREE VIDEOS!!

“I want you to be inspired and have a roadmap to success. It will be a path that you will enjoy and a great adventure as we heal our lands, our emotions, and our health. “

-Joel Salatin