1. I am 85 years old with multiple physical ailments but I love your website! It takes me back to my childhood memories and focuses on a time that seemed gone to me. Your goals and approaches, your humor and love for each other are more rewarding to me than TV. I’ve been a widow for 5 years now and at my age I cannot be a homesteader but I want you both to know that I look you up on your website every day to see what you are up to. Your faith in God is not hidden under a bushel. l consider you as a couple as loved members of my family. Thank you for encouraging others to search for ways to be healthy, happy and debt free. Blessings from Michigan!

    1. Why thank you so much Doris. We really appreciate your kind words and we make videos for this reason alone. We appreciate you looking in on us daily and hope you always get some good information and even a good laugh =)

      Have a great day and thanks for being a HOMESTEAD HOMIE =)

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