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    Janet Garman

    Janet Garman is a farmer and author of numerous books including The Good Living Guide to Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals and 50 Do It Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens.She shares homestead information from her property, Timber Creek Farm where they raise sheep for fiber, chickens, goats, and more! Follow their journey online!

    Chicken Breed Egg Colors

    Do you know the difference in chicken breed egg colors? Which chickens lay blue eggs? Which ones lay green eggs? In your quest for fresh chicken eggs, you may be wondering which chickens to buy that will give you colored eggs. Maybe you are interested in a heritage breed flock of chickens. Sometimes chicken owners want to […]

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    How Do You Keep Chickens Warm ?

    From the moment that you first bring home the newly hatched chicks, the question of how to keep chickens warm will become important. Unless the chicks are hatched under a broody hen, it is your responsibility to keep chickens warm. Surprisingly, this is a short term concern. Once your chicks are mostly full grown, and feathered […]

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    The Basics of Raising Chickens

    Before deciding to bring home those extremely cute, newly hatched chicks, take a look at what is involved in raising chickens. Certainly, raising chickens is an enjoyable hobby with the delicious fresh eggs as a reward. But do you know the needs of the day old hatched chicks? Can you even have chickens in your neighborhood […]

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