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The fall harvest has wrapped up and now it is time to make use of the bounty that you grew throughout the season! Take a look through this curated list of fall harvest recipes that utilize vegetables and meats that you may have ready to use during this time of year. 

Homestead Fall Harvest Recipes

The fall harvest is my favorite! The vegetables and meat harvested are wonderful for creating hearty and delicious meals throughout the cold winter months. Many of the vegetables grown and harvested in autumn can also make some great desserts!

Put together a meal plan using these recipes so you don’t waste any of your fall and winter harvest!

roasted turkey/chicken with garlic and vegetables

Meat Entrees

Let’s start with main course recipes featuring meat. These recipes are great for family dinners or for holiday cooking. 

Turkey Recipes

Pork Recipes

Wild Game Recipes

Beef & Lamb Recipes

fall harvest recipes | roasted squash

Vegetables & Side Dishes

Put your seasonal produce to work with these satisfying side dishes featuring root vegetables, brussels sprouts, squash, apples, and more!

Root Vegetable Recipes

Squash Recipes

Brussels Sprout, Cauliflower, and Broccoli Recipes

Apples and More

Bone Broth as a base for stew and soups | carrots , chicken, and herbs in water to make bone broth

Soups & Stews

These hearty soup & stew recipes are perfect for the fall and winter months! Don’t forget to make bone broth to use as a soup base!

soft pumpkin cookies with icing on cooling rack


Now for the best part… fall harvest dessert recipes! Use sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apples, pecans, and persimmons for these sweet treats!

Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

Apple Dessert Recipes

Pecans, Persimmons, and Pie!

Which of these fall harvest recipes is your favorite?

Fall Harvest Recipes Roundup :: Homesteaders of America
Fall Harvest Recipes Roundup :: Homesteaders of America