Alderman Farms

Patti Alderman

Patti Alderman, of Alderman Farms in Brookhaven, Mississippi, has been living the small hobby farm life since the mid-1990s, when she and her husband, Tommy, began raising chickens and dairy goats, and also gardening to feed their then homeschooling family of six. 

When Brookhaven opened its farmers market for the first time in 2007, Patti was there among the very first vendors, selling her amazing homemade breads with her kids in tow. Patti says this about that experience:

“Being a vendor at the market has been one of, if not the favorite job I’ve ever held. Since I homeschooled my kids, it allowed me to bring them along on the journey.  They learned at a young age how to meet the public with gratefulness and how to handle money.”

Patti’s involvement with and passion for the market eventually led to her position as the Market Manager, which position she’s held for the last six years or so.

She loves the platform it provides for her to encourage others to become market vendors, even if they don’t produce truckloads of vegetables!

“Baking bread was my ‘foot in the door’ at our local market,” she says, “and it led to my selling all sorts of homemade items, including vegetables. For others, their ‘foot in the door’ might be a handmade craft, or homemade soap, or what have you. I love helping people think outside the box when it comes to establishing a market for their products.”

Topic: How to Get Your Homestead Involved in Farmer’s Markets

Date: Saturday, October 9th at 2:45PM