The Modern Day Settler

Kate St.Cyr is the founder of her blog, The Modern Day Settler. Here, she shares her homesteading journey as she tumbles further down the self-sufficiency rabbit hole. Her goal is to educate, while transparently showing both the failures and successes she has in homesteading.

Kate lives on her 1700’s New England homestead where her focus is raising her own food while reclaiming her overgrown land. She keeps a Jersey milk cow for raw milk, breeds heritage cross pigs for meat, and Icelandic sheep for their wool, grassfed lamb, and hides for tanning.

When she isn’t shoveling manure or assisting a farrowing sow, Kate enjoys cooking homegrown food on her 123 year old wood cookstove, hand weaving, and photography. Her first book, Title TBD is due to publish in the Spring of 2022.

TOPIC: Selecting & Raising a Breeding Gilt for the Homestead

Date: Friday, October 7th, 2022 8:30 AM