Thank you for purchasing The Homestead Journal Planner! We hope that it will be a powerhouse tool that helps you manage your home, homestead, and life in the new year with greater purpose and efficiency!

The Homestead Journal was created with the homesteading homemaker in mind. It’s purpose is to help you meet your personal and homestead goals with action steps you create that will zero in each area of your life and help you make a plan to succeed. From the finance & budget tools, to calendars & focused to-do lists, production records & inventory sheets, and more put The Homestead Journal to work and you’ll find that your farm works more for you!

If we created a Journal that narrowed in on every area of production a homestead could have, the book would be massive and difficult to use. So we focused in on a few areas that most homesteads have: raising backyard chickens, growing a garden, and some basic livestock tools.

If you have a more diversified homestead, check out our Homestead Management Printables to supplement your Homestead Journal. If you raise it on your homestead, the Homestead Management Printables have it!

For the online farm-based business own, we also have The Homestead Business Planner to help you meet business goals and content creation.

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How to Use The Homestead Journal Planner

Below you’ll find some example templates of how to fill out your Homestead Journal pages. Many of the pages are self-explanatory. Seeing the examples on other pages should suffice to help understand how they are meant to be filled out. Read on for a more detailed explanation for using the yearly, monthly, and weekly portions of the planner.

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Yearly Overview Planning

Beginning with the 2022 version of the planner, we wanted to focus more on goal setting & flow to make action steps to make them achievable. 

Start with the Goals Planner by deciding what is your overall focus for the new year. It will not necessarily apply to all of the areas of your life, but it is the overarching theme you’re feeling led to embrace for the next year. Generally if the things that come up over the next 365 days don’t fit within your focus, they shouldn’t take priority, or perhaps, you shouldn’t be doing them at all? After all, we can’t say, “Yes!” to everything.

Ask yourself, “How do I achieve my focus in various areas of life?” Break down goals into quarterly & monthly steps on the overview on this page. The Goals Planner will help you start off on the right foot and stay on track.

Monthly & Daily Planning

You may notice that this section is quite a bit different than the first version of the planner. Based on feedback we wanted to improve the workflow and make the weekly planning section more user-friendly. The Weekly Planner pages are meant to keep you focused on achieving goals.

If the Priority Focus was all that got done it was a good day!

Goal tasks are lower priority. Chores are self-explanatory. The Delegate section might not be used by everyone but most folks have a “honey-do” or “kid chores” list. Get some help! You don’t have to do it all yourself. Many hands make light work and all! The Schedule section is for appointments. And the 2 blank spaces for customizing. You may use it for work tasks, community projects, further note-taking, and more.

We have also moved the journal pages from the back up the book right up to where you will already have the Planner open every day. That way you’ll be more likely to cultivate the habit of journaling! Check out the example pages for more details on using the journal and weekly planner pages.

The Goals & Habits Tracker will help you create mini-monthly goals based on your overall annual goals. Or you can use this section for self-improvement and accountability in cultivating new habits you may be struggling with on your own.

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