Podcast Show Notes

E15: Healthcare Freedom | Mike Sharman of Share HealthCare

As homesteaders, we recognize that many of the cultural systems around us are broken.  Many of us opt out of mainstream food systems, educational systems, corporate systems, etc.  As a long-time religious freedom attorney and founder of a healthcare sharing organization, Mike Sharman is here to talk to us about what it looks like to opt out of the mainstream health insurance system.  We’ll chat about how healthcare sharing can support our medical freedom, financial freedom, and religious freedom all at the same time.  Join us!

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E14: Homestead Parenting | RuthAnn Zimmerman

We get a lot of questions about what it looks like to involve your kids in your homestead.  As a mother of seven and multigenerational homesteader, RuthAnn does this really well.  Join us as we discuss age-appropriate responsibilities for children, having realistic expectations for your season of parenting, the gift of boredom for our children, and more!

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E13: Why Homesteading? A Candid Chat About the Homestead Tsunami | Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms

We fondly refer to Joel as the grandfather of the homesteading community.  With decades of experience in the farming and homesteading world, he brings incredible insight to this discussion of the current state of homesteading.  Joel’s upcoming book, Homestead Tsunami, serves as a source of inspiration and aspiration for those who desire to articulate a solid “why” behind their decision to live a homesteading lifestyle.  No matter where you are on the homesteading spectrum, may you find encouragement that this way of life is worth it.

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Planning Your Garden: A Year’s Worth of Food | Ann Accetta-Scott of A Farm Girl in the Making

Ann has been homesteading for nearly a decade now, and she places a particular emphasis on growing as much of her family’s food as possible.  In fact, she estimates that they produce around 80% of their own food on their Tennessee homestead.

In our conversation, we discuss what it looks like to plan and grow a year’s worth of food for your family.  We talk about adapting to your climate, evaluating your family’s unique needs, optimizing the harvest, and more.  Grab your garden planner and pen, and join us for this episode!

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Chick Days! | Tom Watkins of Murray McMurray Hatchery

With springtime fast approaching, homesteaders and backyard chicken keepers are planning ahead for their next round of chicks.  In this conversation with Tom of Murray McMurray Hatchery, we discuss everything a brand new chicken owner needs to know to get started.  Tom also shares about some of the rare breeds being raised at McMurray; you don’t want to miss it!

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Seed Starting & Transplanting | Paul Hutcheson of Windmill Heights Garden Center

It is the time of year when gardeners begin to get the itch to start seeds.  Depending on your zone, you may have already begun the process of sprouting seeds for your future garden.  Whether you are already watching tiny sprouts emerge or you have many weeks left to wait, you will love this conversation with Paul Hutcheson, owner of Windmill Heights Garden Center.  He breaks down how to achieve the perfect timing in starting seeds and transplanting, how to pursue ideal conditions, plus some incredible advice for new gardeners.  Join us for this rich conversation as we look forward to spring and summer gardening.

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Maintaining the Family Milk Cow Naturally | Joshua Fuhrmann

Now that we have discussed how to choose a family milk cow, we are diving into how to keep your cow healthy the natural way.  If approaching natural livestock care seems overwhelming to you, you will definitely want to join us for this episode because Joshua does an amazing job of explaining his holistic approach in simple terms.  We address the most common fears cow owners have: mastitis, parasites, antibiotics, supporting the overall immune system, and more.  As a farmer raising grass-fed A2A2 dairy cows in a holistic way, Joshua is a wealth of knowledge on raising the healthiest cows possible.

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How to Get Started with Your Family Milk Cow | Shawn & Beth Dougherty

The family milk cow is quickly becoming the new backyard flock of chickens.  More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of adding a dairy cow to their homestead.

This month on the podcast, we are focusing on all things dairy cow.  Shawn and Beth Dougherty are the perfect couple to lend their voice to this conversation as they have over four decades of experience farming and perfecting the art of grass conversion through dairy ruminants.

If you are considering adding a family milk cow to your homestead or are new to the world of home dairy, this discussion is for you.  We dive into the most commonly asked questions when it comes to getting started with dairy cows: breed, acreage, feed, health, and more.  If a dairy cow is in your future, start here!

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