Adoratio Farms

About Wendy & Karlyn Hartman

Wendy and Karlyn Hartman are the mother- daughter driving force behind Adoratio Farms, a family Goat Farm and Goat Milk Soap Company in Central Virginia. The farm specializes in all-natural Goat Milk Soap, as well as pastured meat, eggs, and other sustainable Goat Milk Bath and Body Products to their community.

In “Soap Making on the Homestead” the Goat Milk Soap Ladies of Adoratio Farms will teach an overview of the soaping process, to include methods, materials required, safety protocol, and procedures, while inspiring students to utilize materials from their homestead to make all natural, quality soaps.

2024 Homesteaders of America Conference

TOPIC: Soap Making on the Homestead

DATE: October 12, 2024