We’re thrilled to be able to connect you with the businesses and resources to help you create a thriving, productive homestead! Please check out & support the vendors from the January 2023 Bring it All Back “Home”stead Summit!

2023 Summit Vendors

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Build Your Own Homestead

A new way of teaching agriculture science, food science, life skills, applied mathematics, and quality character.

Want to give your kids a desire for self-sufficiency? To be strong, and confident?

To be someone you can rely on? Who shows respect? For animals, each other, and the land?

While preserving traditions? And their food?

Who sees the value in homecooking, and natural health?

Teach them to homestead.

Build Your Own Homestead is a full-year science curriculum for students of all ages (or any aspiring homesteader).

This is an interactive homeschool curriculum that will introduce your child to small scale farming. This one of a kind homestead curriculum can be used as a full curriculum or supplemental to another curriculum.

Students will learn about real-life activities that are associated with modern homesteading. Through the text, budgeting, research, videos, and projects, students will have a better understanding of what it takes to pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Additionally, in any situation where a person is working with the land, animals, and their neighbors, quality of character is an integral component of life.  Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on the character traits that are positively viewed within homestead communities.

Adoratio Farms

We have a small Goat Farm, where we make and produce sustainable Goat Milk Products, such as Goat Milk Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Dog Shampoo Bars, Shave Bars, Laundry Soap, Lotions, Body Butters, Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Pit Paste Deodorants, and Lip Balms. We also make Baking Extracts, Vintage Aprons, Cooking Aprons, and Jewelry.

Our customers are searching for quality, handcrafted, locally-sourced Goat Milk Bath and Body Products. They are purchasing products that are made with simple, pure ingredients, and appreciate sustainable packaging.

Norwex Cleaning with Water!

Safe, effective cleaning with water to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Dirt and Devotion

Dirt & Devotion is an apparel and goods company. We create fresh digs for urban gardeners, homesteaders & anyone in between. A family-run business, devoted to community & caring for the dirt.

IG: dirtanddevotion

FB: dirtanddevotion

The Schoolhouse Life

We are Drew and Lacey Grim. We believe life is a schoolhouse and our motto is “Never Stop Learning”. Self-sufficiency is the key to feeling empowered. From homesteading, homeschooling, and natural medicine. We want to help you be more self-sufficient and grow your homestead into the property you have always dreamed of. It takes time, patience, and a lot of times help from friends. Learn from our mistakes and skip the learning curve! Listen on your favorite podcast platform and let’s get started building your homestead. 

Peace and Harmony Farm

At Peace & Harmony Farm we grow medicinal and culinary plants that are Certified Naturally Grown. From our garden to your table, we’ve crafted a robust product line that includes elderberry syrup, shrubs, teas, vinegars, ginger syrup, a variety of fire ciders, golden milk powder, and herbal popsicles (a crowd favorite). We now offer herbal CSA shares (seasonal wellness boxes), that are packed with all the goodies you need to meet each season in good health. We handcraft each batch with love and intention. We believe in nourishing small batch handcrafted PEACE & HARMONY FARM Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates people with food and herbs and empowering them to heal in harmony with the earth. Peace & Harmony Farm is a small herbal farm started by two landscapers in 2009. We combined our passion for plants and natural healing to create a source for wellness and knowledge in our community. Providing our customers with the plant allies, knowledge, & tools that help keep us at our best and brightest is what lights us up.


Farmish is a marketplace app for local food & farms. Sellers can create a free storefront to sell backyard chicken eggs, homegrown produce, meat, dairy, honey, garden supplies, plants, and more. 

@getfarmish on all social media platforms

Rustic Valley Designs

Rustic Valley Designs started in 2017, right around the time Mike and Katie started on their homesteading journey.  Located in Central MA, we specialize in producing high-quality home décor products using reclaimed lumber, pallets, and plywood.  Our product line has expanded to include signs, canvases, bottle openers, tumblers, t-shirts and more!

White River Homestead

Need an easier start to make your sourdough bread? Look no further! Our dehydrated sourdough starter has been around for generations and is strong and resilient, perfect for the beginner baker. White River Homestead’s sourdough starter can be stored in your pantry until ready to be used. You’ll be on your way to bread baking in as little as three days.  Comes with instructions and our 15 favorite beginner recipes. 

Timeless Fence System

Plastic Innovation is an American company that is the manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of the Timeless Fence System.

Since 2011, the Timeless Fence System has been voted the #1 electric fence solution in the USA and foreign countries since no insulators are required. This Post Is TheInsulator! The major keys to our product line are simplicity and ease of installation.

Our fencing products are extruded from scrap Rigid PVC window and door materials that have been reground, which are generally virgin materials. One of the important features of Rigid PVC material is that it can be reground up to seven times and reused as needed, hence it does not end up in landfills or the oceans.

All Timeless Fence System products are coated with UV material to protect against sunlight. Our products have a twenty-year warranty. The Timeless Fence System is approved by NRCS for cost share programs in forty-eight states of the US, including Hawaii.

While farm fencing is our primary business, the Timeless Fence System is being used in gardens, vineyards, for small animal fencing and an ever-widening range of electric fence applications.

Quality & Service are the key cornerstones of our company.

Shenandoah Homestead Supply

Shenandoah Homestead Supply offers all the stainless-steel strainers, pails, milkers, and other essentials for your home dairy.



Equip International

“Equipping God’s people in holistic ministry to disciple the nations”

Training, Sending, Partnering

We offer practical training courses that prepare missionaries to serve in their context, giving them specialized skills to minister to the physical as well as the spiritual needs of those they serve.

Our experienced instructors teach missionaries, whether career missionaries or short-term mission trip laypeople, how to be versatile in their settings, creatively using the resources available to serve their communities.

Equip teaches specialized courses in Agriculture, Appropriate Technology, and Medicine that address four major areas of human need: water, shelter, health care, and community development.


Fallen Aspen Farm

Riverwood Trading Co

Forrest Green Farm

Forrest Green Farm is a real working family farm located in Central Virginia that has focused on regenerative agriculture to enhance the land and the environment for the last 30 years.

We offer herbal education, classes, over 400 varieties of herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants, pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed & finished beef, eggs, herbal teas, dips, seasonings, a herbalism book, and a seasonal cookbook.

More info about the farm here –https://www.forrestgreenfarm.com 

Wellness Simplified!

Online Farm Markets

Online Farm Markets offers a full spectrum of tools designed specifically for farmers and homesteaders to manage inventory, sales, payment records, and the details involved in picking and delivering, going beyond traditional online shopping carts.

Read Write and Learn Technology, Inc.

Imagine every student in America studying the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution every year from the 1st through the 12th grade. 

Americans educated over the last 30 years spent very little, if any, time on our founding documents and the principles of liberty upon which America was built.

Is is any wonder that that our nation has strayed so far from Her founding principles

The solution is not just voting in better officials.  We must invest in the next generation and make sure that American Exceptionalism is instilled in their hearts and minds. 

Esther Frankenfield- Cozy Lil Book Nook

Hi, I’m Esther Frankenfield and I help busy homeschool moms build and nurture reading within their homes so that they can connect with their families offscreen, have engaging educational resources, and solutions for childhood struggles. 

You may have seen me the last few years at the Virginia conference and knew our company as Usborne Books & More, but we have rebranded in the new year as PaperPie! Same great books and quality you have come to know and love, but with a new fresh and modern look. It was time after more than 30 years in the business! 

As a former homeschooler myself and a mother of 3 who is homeschooling, I know that you are looking for books and activities to help your kids, your schooling, but also help you manage the day. I can help! I look forward to connecting with you – follow my Cozy Lil Book Nook page, send me an email, or text. I’d love to show you the new titles and activities we just released this month!