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About Suzanne Shires

Suzanne Shires is a North Carolina native herbalist and homesteader. She grew up in a large family with acres of gardens, preserving food naturally. She learned sustainability from ‘mountain folk’ grandparents. Being among the first generation in her family to be born in a hospital, old-time remedies and country doctors were just a part of life, with old ways to heal from the plants and remedies of Appalachia. 

Her homestead now is a happy little mix of herb gardens, fruit orchards, and vegetable beds designed to make the most of a sustainable lifestyle.  Over the years she began a serious education into herbalism and nutrition, including foraging wild foods and medicines, fermenting, winemaking, finding nutrition in wild foods, as well as homemade vinegars and herbal remedies. After several years of herbal study, she became a student of Darryl Patton and follows in his herbal footsteps to share the use of Appalachian herbs.   Her apothecary is full of remedies from her gardens as well as the woods and fields around her home.  

Suzanne’s focus is on healthy, sustainable prepping, wild food survival and preparing herbal remedies for so many issues.  She believes food and herbs are the best medicine for a healthy lifestyle.  Being able to quickly replace nutritional food in a time of disaster is key.   And making sure that health and wellness is obtainable for everyone on her homestead.

2023 Homesteaders of America Conference

TOPIC: Herbal Dentistry on the Homestead

DATE: October 13, 2023