Wholesome Roots

Rose Duncan, her husband, and 4 children live in a small town in rural Georgia on a 14 acre farmstead called Wholesome Roots. They aim to be self-sustainable with an organic/permaculture approach and share their passions with others through her blog, YouTube channel and occasional workshops and classes they teach..

Rose grew up in a homesteading family and has gained many years of experience since then. From attending an agricultural high school to teaching wildlife, water, soils and environment at the local extension office, her life has always revolved around nature and education. In the past ten years she has grown and preserved most of their vegetables, raised chickens, ducks, turkey and quail for eggs and meat, and makes most of her family‚Äôs food from scratch using foraged food and fermented goodies.. She has been a Professional Horticulturist for 20 years, a Master Gardener for 15,  a Certified Landscape Professional and most recently a Certified Small Ruminant Production Journeyman Farmer.

But perhaps where her biggest passion lies is in her goats. She was born and raised with Nubian dairy goats and spent most of her adult life working on or mentoring with goat farms. She learned about all of their basic needs and care first hand and how to deal with emergency situations. After years of caring for her own dairy herd she pursued the elite certification offered by UGA and Georgia Organics. After 2 years of classes and hands on mentoring she received her Small Ruminant Production Certification. All that she has learned has been put to good use on her now large goat herd where she has encountered most scenarios that goats can throw at you. She enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge on growing and goat care on her successful YouTube channel, Wholesome Roots. Through her channel she has assisted and mentored hundreds of new and experienced goat keepers. Anytime day or night she is quick to help any goat in need. This has earned her the fond title of The Goat Queen or The Goat Lady!

Topic: Raising Dairy Goats on the Homestead

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