Easy Meat Curing on the Homestead | Pre-Conference Workshop


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Easy Meat Curing on the Homestead

with Andy Lane of Hand Hewn Farm

Join Andy Lane from Hand Hewn Farm for this introduction to curing meat on the homestead. Before refrigeration, generations of people found ways to preserve valuable protein from animals with very simple methods of salting, drying, and smoking.

This class will cover how to utilize these methods to easily preserve meat, enhance flavors, and improve how you prepare food in your home kitchen. The workshop will cover what meats are best for curing and why, the science behind meat curing, curing salts and whether you need to use them, why some cured meats are aged for extended periods, why cured meats are often smoked, and simple ways to smoke them, the tools needed to cure meat at home, and an introduction to fermented meats.

Max Students per class: 25

Location: Warren County Farigrounds

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2024

9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Students will receive: 

  • Printed handout that covers the class content (no need to worry about note-taking)
  • A small slab of pork belly that we will turn into bacon during the class

Students should bring: 

  • a small cooler with ice to keep the cured meat cold until you can get it in a fridge

Price – $145/person

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