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    Natural Treatment for Ruminants Masterclass with Hue & Suzanne Karreman




    Do you want to keep your ruminant animals healthy with minimal interventions?⁠ Are you interested in holistic husbandry but also want to make sure your animals are cared for individually?⁠

    ⁠This workshop will address practical husbandry in-depth, including:⁠

    ▫️diets for robust health⁠
    ▫️a variety of approaches to mineral supplementation⁠
    ▫️the special nutritional needs of lactating animals⁠
    ▫️how to have a veterinary relationship that works⁠
    ▫️stewarding animals that don’t fit your herd objectives⁠
    ▫️breeding up⁠
    ▫️adoptive mothering⁠
    ▫️stocking your medicine cabinet⁠
    ▫️and how to treat a variety of common ailments.⁠

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