The Fit Farmer

About Mike Dickson

Mike Dickson (The Fit Farmer) and his wife, Lacie, sold almost everything they owned, left their 2600 sq ft house in the city, and started a new life in a 700 sq ft YURT in the country. They (and their three children) run a market garden on their homestead and share their journey on their YouTube channel, Farm F.I.T (Farmers In Training). Mike and Lacie both have backgrounds in the health and fitness industry. Mike is a former professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, Lacie is a former massage therapist. They are both passionate about living a healthy sustainable lifestyle, not just in taking care of the earth, but also by sustaining their bodies with healthful foods, and sustaining their relationships with each other, as they live life together.

2023 Homesteaders of America Conference

TOPIC: The Most Important Thing About Homesteading—Family

DATE: October 13, 2023