Souly Rested

Michelle Visser is a homesteader in rural New England. In their 220-year-old farmhouse, on their small homestead, her family grows their own food, raises their own meat, and harvests their own honey and maple syrup.

Michelle has been featured in Whole Foods Magazine, Capper’s Farmer, Hobby Farms, Where Women Create Work, and Mother Earth News. Michelle’s award-winning website,, and her popular book, Sweet Maple, tell the story of her family’s connection to the past on their small sugar farm. 

She’s been a guest chef at Northeastern’s Xhibition Kitchen, and she offers presentations across the country.

But her biggest challenge and greatest joy was homeschooling all 4 of her children, from K to 12. Today they’re out in the world stirring up change, headstrong to make the world a better place with the passions and talents they developed as homeschoolers. (And, yes, they are social, they were prepared for advanced study, and they no longer wear their PJs in the middle of the day… well, most days.)

Her topic at our October conference? How to Homeschool Kids Who Change the World.

Subscribe to Michelle’s podcast “Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy” and her youtube channel, and follow her on instagram @souly.rested.

Topic: How to Homeschool Kids Who Will Change the World

Date: Saturday, October 9th, 1PM