Pioneering Today

Melissa K. Norris is a 5th generation homesteader who has inspired thousands of people to live a more connected life through homegrown and homemade practices with her website, popular podcast Pioneering Today, books and YouTube channel. After a health scare, she and her husband turned back to her heritage and homestead roots and now grow 100% of their own organic pasture-raised meat, 75% of their own fruit and 60% of their own vegetables without quitting their day jobs or moving off-grid with their two children in the North Cascades mountains of Washington state. 
The best-selling author of 3 books, including The Family Garden Plan, Melissa believes the simple life of living by the seasons, feeling the dirt against your bare skin, and knowing the satisfaction of eating food you raised yourself is the answer to creating stronger families, healthier bodies, and connecting people back to the things that truly matter… and that eating really good food is something we should experience at every meal, preferably from a Mason jar or two.

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