Slavic Beauty Cream Separators

About Katya Luniova

Katya has owned, a company providing small dairy farms and homesteads with quality small-scale cream separators and other dairy and cheese-making equipment since 2006.

Katya advocates for fermented dairy products and credits her grandmother and her upbringing for her skills. She is passionate about sharing her practical knowledge of natural raw milk fermentation and no-waste cooking.

On her Instagram account @slavicbeautyseparator, she gives workshops on how to properly make clabber, talks about the benefits of fermented dairy, teaches how to use clabber and clabber whey as a culture for making simple cheeses, shows how to make cottage cheese from raw milk without any added acid or culture, just through natural fermentation, shares recipes on using all raw milk’s by-products and turning them into delicious and healthy food.

The same way our ancestors used to do it. 

Katya learned all of that naturally by being born and growing up in Ukraine, where these skills were alive and used widely. Her grandmother was her guide and remains her inspiration. Just by spending time with her in the kitchen and observing her, she learned many skills that she uses daily and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. 

She is working on her practical guide and cookbook, which will teach the skills and include recipes for fermented dairy and no-waste cooking.

Katya looks forward to the Homesteaders of America Conference to share her skills and learn from others.

2024 Homesteaders of America Conference


DATE: October 11-12, 2024