Our Father’s Farm

About Joshua Fuhrmann

Joshua Fuhrmann grew up and now works on “Our Father’s Farm” in southern Virginia as the farm manager. He lives with his beautiful wife and 4 children on a multi-generational farm alongside his parents Jack and Kim Fuhrmann who started the farm and his eight siblings. 

Our Father’s Farm seeks at the foundation to follow God’s design in all things and specifically to steward the land and animals in such a way that honors the creator and as a result provides beautiful nutrient-dense foods for health and life.  One of the family pursuits is natural health.  Through years living and working in Africa and Virginia they have learned that wellness is directly linked to the health of our food. 

Joshua, having grown up in this environment, knows how to raise healthy animals that in turn provide life-giving foods.  His specialty is raising healthy cows that will give your family healthy food, which is the topic of his talk during this year’s conference. As well as raising healthy meats, eggs, and dairy, the farm also provides health coaching through Kim Fuhrmann ND (Mom, author, and speaker), Sheila and Dad. They all teach classes together on the farm about total wellness.  Joshua’s passion has always been more with the cows and the cow’s health, but the health of the animals and the people that consume their products is all very interconnected.  

“It’s very rewarding to work hard and raise healthy grass and robust animals that in turn provide real nutrient-dense food for us and our customers. I am a strong Christian and believe that any beneficial information I have has ultimately been given to me by God.  It’s an honor to be able to share about His beautiful design with you and to continue learning as we live life together.” -Joshua Fuhrmann 

2024 Homesteaders of America Conference


DATE: October 11-12, 2024