Stoney Ridge Farmer

Joshua (Stoney Ridge Farmer) grew up on a working farm and his dad was a horse trader and grandpa had cattle operation on 700 acres in Virginia, but Joshua had no interest in farming as a young man.

In 1995 he graduated high school in Southwest Virginia and went on to sign up for the US Air Force where he served 4 years as an electrician and lineman serving and training with the elite Naval group known as the SeaBees.  After serving 4+ years of military duty stationed at Hill AF Base in Ogden Utah, Joshua started a small construction company with an old truck and $200 worth of used tools and began remodeling houses, hotels and office buildings.  This forwarded him the opportunity to purchase more than 20 homes and distressed properties during the housing boom of the early 2000’s and at the age of 23 Joshua was self employed with a residual income that afforded him the time and independence attend Weber State University and eventually earn a Bachelor degree in the Science of Nursing…Joshua became a registered nurse.

In the spring of 2006 Joshua uprooted his successful business and real estate holdings to move back home closer to his family and back to his roots in Southwest Virginia where he was employed as a Registered Nurse.

He moved to a bigger city and met his wife after starting an urban farm business on 1/3 of an acre. It was at this time that Joshua realized a calling from the land and the soil and he began raising vegetables for sale, chickens for meat and eggs and started an urban beekeeping operation in the city of Greensboro North Carolina.  Working as an intensive care nurse Joshua met a man that was selling a 60 acre tract of worn out brush covered land that a rabbit would have a tough time getting through….after months of deliberation with his new bride they decided that buying land and moving to the country was the thing to do. So with a dream of starting a family in the country, Joshua and his wife packed up and moved to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and started a new life homesteading on 60 acres of brush and briers.

Joshua and his wife managed to find a used mobile home for $3500 and purchased it with cash. The remodeling process began and journey of building a homestead began.  The house and urban farm in town was sold and Joshua and his bride moved to the country to homestead, save money and get debt free! About 1 year into this process Joshua picked up a camera and went outside with the intention of sharing some knowledge and experience that he was acquiring from this new life and from years past.

Stoney Ridge Farmer and the Stoney Ridge Farm was born!  Now Joshua shares his journey of taking a raw piece of land and growing it into a homestead and successful farm operation…you can follow along as he takes an overgrown piece of eroded and abused farm land and turns it into something wonderful and his livelihood.  Stoney Ridge Farmer will show you the journey, both the failures and the triumphs that go along with owning a piece of land, homesteading and building a farm business from scratch.

From raising chickens, using and working on tractors, forestry, land clearing and management, fencing, crop planting, hogs, goats, cows and a few hot rods in between the Stoney Ridge Farmer will take you on a rural lifestyle journey that’s different from any other homesteader on social media. So “Come on Down to the Stoney Ridge” and enjoy this family-friendly rural lifestyle channel, watch, dream and learn as he and his family live out their dream of clean country life on the Stoney Ridge Farm.

Topic: Build Your Own Chicken Feeder/Waterer in 10-15 Minutes!

Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019 2:00pm

Topic: Farm Planning, Fencing…and Saving Money by Doing it Yourself

Date: Saturday, October 12th, 2019 3:15pm