Working Aussies Homestead

About Jordyn and Josh Kelly

Josh and Jordyn Kelly are first-generation homesteaders who started their marriage off with the understanding they had no money and owed more than two college graduates should. With almost $100k in student loan debt, they started following Dave Ramsey’s renowned baby steps.

In 2019, they bought their home to begin homesteading after Jordyn was diagnosed with MS. They were able to cash flow medical expenses as well as start their homestead. Through the use of local resources, bartering, selling, and more, they have been able to successfully stock their pantry and freezers on a budget as well as heal Jordyn’s MS.

They’ve taught Financial Peace University at their local church as well as mentored friends and family on being in charge of their own money. Since their debt-free journey began in 2018, they have paid off almost $60,000 of their student loans along with over $15,000 in medical bills not including the infrastructure of their homestead and cash flowing a home birth last month. They share their monthly budget, along with tips, on their YouTube channel and look forward to teaching Homesteading with a Budget.

2024 Homesteaders of America Conference


DATE: October 11-12, 2024