Hoss Tools

Greg Key started Hoss Tools in 2010 as he was disappointed with the quality of gardening tools on the market. A lifelong gardener with a horticultural background, his passion has always been growing clean, healthy food and helping others to do so. In 2013, Travis transitioned from his career in biology to join his father and help spread the gardening love across the country and world. Initially known for their Wheel Hoes and walk-behind Garden Seeder, Hoss Tools quickly became much more than just a garden tool company. In addition to their garden tools that are built to last a lifetime, they now offer a complete line of premium vegetable seeds, seed starting supplies, drip irrigation kits and all-natural pest control solutions.

Greg and Travis each have an approximately ¼ acre garden where they grow food year round in south Georgia. Greg especially enjoys growing potatoes, watermelons, sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and okra. Travis enjoys growing carrots, beets, collards, cucumbers, squash and likes to push the limits on how much food he can grow in a given space. Greg and Travis share their passion for gardening on their YouTube channel where they post three videos a week, including their weekly Row by Row Garden Show on Thursday nights. 

Topic: Utilizing Cover Crops on the Homestead