Turtle Island Preserve

About Eustace Conway

Eustace is on the hit HISTORY channel series Mountain Men, where he shows how he lives this homesteading life off-grid in the Appalachian mountains. And you’ll get to meet and learn from this mountain man in real life!

Eustace’s Turtle Island Preserve guides people through experiences with the natural world to enhance their appreciation and respect for life. They achieve this through a more comprehensive understanding of nature combined with the lessons of our elders and traditions.

Turtle Island Preserve (TIP) is the “Brain Child” of Eustace Conway. He inherited the vision of earth stewardship and betterment of man from his maternal grandfathers’ legacy of Camp Sequoyah, founded in 1924. Turtle Island today, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education center, a continuation of this rich educational family heritage. 

TIPs programs celebrate lifestyle practices of earlier people from our great grandparent’s time, back into prehistory. They orient to the basic foundation of where things come from and where things go. Residents and visitors plant and harvest in the TIP gardens, milk goats, make cheese, craft bowls, spoons, and tools of all sizes and descriptions. They hunt and gather wild foods and medicines and natural resources abounding in the huge natural preserve. TIP residents and visitors cook exclusively over fire, gathering their own wood. And TIP completely made the many buildings of their farmstead; carved literally right from the wilderness.

2023 Homesteaders of America Conference

TOPIC: A Candid Talk with Eustace

DATE: October 13 & 14, 2023