Toups & Co Organics

Emilie Toups is the founder of Toups and Co Organics, a multi-million dollar organic, non-toxic, natural skincare and makeup company. She began Toups and Co right in her own kitchen with a passion for products with recognizable ingredients. It all began with grass-fed tallow and the desire to heal her daughter’s severe eczema. Her journey led her and her husband to sell it all to homestead, homeschool, and provide nourishing food and products for their family. Her passion is in education — ingredients, labels, and decoding what’s really lurking in our products. 

Emilie lives on a small farm in south Alabama with her husband and four children. She enjoys gardening, milking her cow, cooking nourishing food, and baking sourdough bread. 

TOPIC: Learn To Read The Fine Print— How to Make Educated Choices for a Non-Toxic Life

Date: Friday, October 7th, 2:30 PM

WOMEN’S RETREAT TOPIC: Grow a Successful Business on Your Homestead

Date: Friday, November 11th, 9:00 PM