Urban Overalls

Connie is an organic and sustainable urban homesteader in the heart of a northern Colorado community.  Over the years she has demonstrated and taught what is possible in an urban setting while following local ordinances.  Her philosophy stems from her agrarian upbringing in rural Iowa; “If something was broken, we fixed it.  If it was torn, we mended it.  If it mooed, we milked it.   If it was dirty, we cleaned it.  If something/someone was hungry, we fed it.  If something was ripe, we picked it.”

She lives with her husband on 1/3 of an acre, near the city center of over 160,000 residents; yet they raise backyard chickens, keep bees, compost, prepare scratch meals from whole foods, garden, and preserve the harvest, and repurpose materials.  She has been an avid cheesemaker for over a decade. After biting into homemade cheese for the first time, she was hooked. But the lack of a family milk cow hasn’t stopped her. Connie sources milk locally and participates in local herd shares of both cow and goat. Many of her classes and workshops focus on creating assorted cheeses.  Life is lived deliberately and deliciously.

Topic: Sourcing Milk and How to Get Started Making Homemade Cheese

No cow? No goat? No problem. You can source milk from a variety of sources and create a fantastic homemade cheese. From sourcing milk to the basic kitchen utensils and on to basic cheesemaking supplies. This workshop will help you navigate the waters of making cheese at home.

Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019 11:30am