Urban Overalls

Connie is an organic urban homesteader on ⅓ of an acre along the Front Range of Colorado. Over the years, she created her blog Urban Overalls; has written for Backyard Poultry Magazine (online articles) as well as local publications; recently started a YouTube channel; and was in a Tastemade video for the series “Beyond the Block” as an urban homesteader. She has demonstrated and taught what is possible to do in a city setting. Her philosophy stems from her agrarian upbringing in Iowa: “If something was broken we fixed it. If it mooed, we milked it. If it was hungry, we fed it”.

After biting into homemade cheese for the first time, Connie was hooked. Time, milk, culture, and/or a coagulant are the basis for all homemade cheeses. Since that first bite, she has been making homemade cheese for well over a decade. She continues to learn about the art, science, and alchemy of cheese to better serve her students and followers. With an arsenal of cultures, cheese molds, a press, pH meter, and cheese cave, her repertoire continues to grow. Locally, Connie can be found teaching cheesemaking in northern Colorado.

In her quest of sharing her passion for urban homesteading and creating community, she became a founding member of the Northern Colorado Urban Homestead Tour, serving as its chairman for five years; teaching a series of classes under the topic of Urban Homesteading for the Gardens on Spring Creek, and serving on the newly created Homestead committee for the Larimer County Farmers Alliance.