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Hello All!

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Hello All,

Our names are Eric and Jennifer Morgan. We currently live in Delaware on 3/4 of an acre. We grow veggies and have 10 egg layer dinos. We have 3 daughters (20, 19 & 12). We're currently in the process of planning and moving to Northeast Washington State to our family property of approximately of 2500 acres. Which sounds like a homesteader's paradise, but approximately 98% of the property is dense mountainous forest. We have about 16 acres of usable land and lots of great view. The property has been in our family for 65 years, and since my grandmother passed away in 2018, the land has gone abandoned since then. Under the threat of selling the property because no one in the family wanted anything to do with it, Jen and I decided we couldn't live with the fact of this beautiful property that I grew up with not being in the family for future generations to enjoy as my grandparents intended. So we took the leap and accepted the mantle. We plan to be home by June of 2021. Jen and I have always been into the homesteading lifestyle and practiced it a smidgen in our suburban 3/4 acres. Now it's going to be our life and we're looking to establish a network of homesteaders to learn from and hopefully as an extra added benefit to find folks around us in Northeast Washington. Thanks!

~Eric & Jen

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