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Hey ya'll!

Please make sure that you read ALL of the forum rules before you post in this forum. You can find a complete list of forum rules by CLICKING HERE

REMINDER: this is a family friend forum. If you personally attack, belittle, use inappropriate language, etc., you will be removed. READ THE RULES before you post! 

In addition to the regular rules, we have a few more rules for this board and thread. 

  1. We recognize that there are different methods of food preservation and cooking all over the world. We have "by-the-book" canners and cookers and "rebel" canners and cookers. We welcome them both, and all the in-between methods as well. 
  2. Please do not report a post just because you do not agree with the preservation or cooking method. If the method is 100% unsafe, please bring it to an admins attention and we will decide from there. At the same time, feel free to educate KINDLY, but if you have push back, do not continue to respond. We're adults, we can handle this!

Happy Posting!

The Homesteaders of America Team

Topic starter Posted : 17/07/2020 3:39 pm