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1st time raising Pigs

James Bell
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Hey everyone. My family(me, my wife, 3 daughters) bought 2 yorkshire pigs 2 weeks ago. They were 7 weeks old when we bought them and the farmer told us they were weaned. We are having trouble getting them to eat pig feed though. They will eat our table scraps(bread, milk, veggies, fruit) but for some reason barely touch the grain. We mix the feed in with scraps to make more of a slop but they seem to eat what they want and leave the grain. We've tried dry feed, soaking the feed. Should I switch to just corn and mix in the minerals? We won't be able to feed them on scraps alone as they grow. Any ideas on how to get them to eat the grain pig feed? 

Topic starter Posted : 23/04/2021 6:06 pm
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