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Rain water collection

Cody Williamson
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Hi everyone! This is my first post, so be gentile with me. I’m hoping to be extremely active in the forums starting today! 

I wanted to share with everyone my rain water collection build. Keep in mind in its current form it is simply to test its effectiveness and I will be making modifications to it as I go and will share the process and any issues that arise to help anyone thinking about setting up their own rainwater collection system.

I have watched countless YouTube videos on the topic and have studied working collection systems in depth. The collection system I am currently building is tailored to my current and future needs. I reside in the Texas Gulf coast, rain comes and goes as do hurricanes. In February of 2021 Texas experienced abnormally cold weather causing electrical grid failure. I was without power, water and heat for nearly 2 weeks as most of the area was.

though I had plenty of bottle water on hand, you begin to look at it no longer as a convenience but as a luxury. While almost exclusively used for drinking, in moments like that it becomes water for cooking, bathing and flushing the toilet. Unless you have a warehouse stocked floor the ceiling, your stores of bottled water quickly dwindle.

At that moment I realized, though I had prepared for a lot of things…. This wasn’t one of them. Once the storm past I started researching what I could do to negate this simple but important issue. 

I scoured the Internet searching for a solution that was not only cost-effective but practical. After months of research I decided that rain water collection was my best option. I found a design that I liked and seemed the most practical for my situation. I was able to find 4 IBC totes on Facebook market place a short distance from my house at a relatively cheap price.

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 These IBC totes were $65 each and can hold roughly 1000 gallons of water when linked together. With the average person using 10 gallons a day (keep in mind that’s just the necessities not including bathing) this should last roughly 7-10 days without having any additional rain fall when full!

My house when I bought it did not have gutters so after purchasing the IBC totes I made a trip to Lowe’s and purchased pvc gutters. I’m no professional (no matter how much I watch YouTube on the subject) but I was able to install them. They are not perfect and I will be having a buddy of mine come out and make them even better. But never the less they work pretty well if I might say so myself! With in a week of having everything roughed in I was able to collect nearly 500 gallons on just an inch and a half of rain!

 Currently during this phase I have been just using it to water my garden and it’s working flawlessly. It has tremendously cut down on my dependence on the grid water system. My next phase is to elevate it 36 inches off the ground to help match the 30psi that the normal home receives. I am hoping to be able to achieve a pressure of 36psi so that I can add a 1micron water filter to the system and tie it into my houses main water supply. I will be able to switch between grid water and my rain water with the simple flip of a ball valve to prevent back flow.   

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