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New to this Hi im lost

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Hi, new to the homesteading scene live in michigan buying a small farm in the next few months have lots of things planned to do but also needed some pointers out there on what i should look for in a property i know i want to buy a built house on the property  natural water would be great want to keep it over 30 acres but less than 250  have a few people to help me on the property with the workload 

Topic starter Posted : 06/12/2020 8:35 pm
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I'm new to this too. We're planning to buy a plot in Kansas and start afresh constructing a new country-style home. Given that we'll be retiring soon, it gives us a sense of thrill to simply imagine a fine home and a patch of agricultural land to pursue our long-lost hobby of cultivating organic food. 

Posted : 05/01/2021 3:04 am
Alicia Mitchell
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Hi there lost! So glad I found you here. (sorry not sorry) I'm just a stone's throw over the Michigan border in Ohio. We are also looking to purchase property. Did you find something?

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Posted : 03/03/2021 4:33 pm