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Welcome to the Homesteaders of America Forum!

We're so happy you're here, but like with any well oiled machine, we need some rules in place! We hope that you can help us keep this forum family friendly, kind, honest, and drama-free!

Let’s all work together to cultivate a welcoming environment!


Homesteaders of America is NOT LIABLE for ANY SALES on this platform. You must buy and sell at your own risk. We will not play moderator in sales between buyer and seller. We will not refund money, etc. YOU are liable for all sales and transactions.

Homesteaders of America is NOT LIABLE for any medical advice, sales, or personal interactions you have on this forum. Please post and respond at your own risk.

Be kind and respectful, remembering to treat others with courtesy, even if we disagree.  

  1. One username permitted per person to reduce/eliminate trolling. Users discovered to have multiple accounts will have all accounts removed. 
  2. Do not promote or encourage illegal activity. 
  4. Do not share your personal address, phone number, and other detailed information on the public forum.
  5. Rude, abusive, harassing, defamatory, and obscene language & graphics will not be tolerated. Absolutely no name-calling or character attacks.
  6. No racial, sexual, or religious bigotry. This includes but is not limited to content, links, avatars, and signatures. 
  7. No sexually suggestive or explicit content, links, avatars, signatures, etc… 
  8. No screenshots or other stolen and copyrighted material from elsewhere on the internet. Quotes are ok. Please always credit your sources. Note: Under current copyright laws ingredient lists are not copyrighted but the instructions for a recipe or tutorial are. 
  9. To make this a valuable resource please search for your question first so threads become information rich over time. 
  10. Choose the best forum for your topic. Do not start a duplicate thread/subject in multiple forums. 
  11. Do not post unsolicited advertisements outside of the Vendor, Buy/Sell/Trade forums. They will be removed.
  12. If you have an administrator or moderator of this forum blocked, you will be removed from the forum.
  13. Absolutely NO AFFILIATE LINKS can be shared on this forum. If asked for a link, and you want it to be an affiliate link, you can private message the poster. This keeps us from having to post a statement on every forum that affiliate links are in use.
  14. Political posts are allowed, however, if you can't be kind and act like an adult, your post (or response) will be removed...and you may be too. There is no room for drama on these boards. Newsflash: you WILL NOT change someone's political stance on the internet.
  15. Yes, gun talk and constitutional rights "talk" is allowed on this forum. If you don't want to see it, please simply don't visit those boards or posts.

 Content in violation of the rules will be edited or removed. Repeat offenders will be removed to preserve the integrity of our community. 

Homesteaders of America reserves the right to modify the rules at any time, without explanation.


Thanks so much for helping us build a strong and amazing community!

The Homesteaders of America Team

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Sounds good!

Posted : 22/07/2021 11:00 am